WRMS Memory Gallery

As Students prepare to leave WRMS, many are reflecting on their time here, and several shared their memories in this gallery.

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  • Kinsley Freemen is an 8th grader on the HEAT team. Her favorite teacher was Mrs. C. “She was a fun teacher,” said Freeman. Photo by Audrina Bruno.

  • Addison Lehnherr is an 8th grader on the SWAT team. Lehnherr’s favorite activity is PE “Because it wakes me up in the morning since I had it 1st hour,” said Lehnherr. Photo by Kolbi Trower.

  • Mya Summerville is on the Champion team in 8th grade. Summerville will miss history because of her favorite teacher, Mrs. Gonzalez. “She is funny and she is relatable to all topics,” said Summerville. Photo by Audrina Bruno.

  • Delainey Wilkerson, an 8th grader on the SWAT team said, she’ll miss the cheer room “Because of all the conversations we had as a team and all of the funny things we did.” Photo by Michelle Lawson.

  • This hallway is the first hallway you see when you enter the doors. The 8th graders sit here in the morning before the bell rings to go to their first hour. This hallway also has all of the teams symbols painted on the wall. Photo by Brylie Pollet.

  • Brysons Fehr is on the HEAT team. Fehr’s favorite place he is going to miss at WRMS is the lunch room. “I am going to miss lunch because it is where I get food,” said Fehr. Photo by Molly Schuler.

  • 8th grader Mylee Mullins on HEAT Team said her favorite activity this year was HEAT Treat because “We all got to be together and we got snacks.” Photo by Kayla Mackenzie.

  • Mr. Bell works in the library, but he is moving up to WRHS next year. Many people will miss the library because it was a great place to study and read. Photo by Brylie Pollet.

  • Washburn Rural Middle School had a lot of good memories. Many people will miss the 8th graders that are going to high school next year. Some 8th graders will miss middle school and some will not miss middle school. Photo by Brylie Pollet.

  • Nick Loughney on Swat Team did the challenge course 2nd hour. His favorite memory about having Mrs. Evans as a teacher for this activity was “I will miss Mrs. Evan’s because her class was fun.” Photo by Julia Katzer.

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