The Kansas Team

I asked 180 W.R.M.S. kids what team they preferred out of K-State and K.U, and the graph above shows their answers. (Jonathon Morrison)

There’s a lot of debate among WRMS students and teachers about whether KU or K-State is better. Many people have different ways of looking at who’s better. Some look at academics, various sports, some adopt their beliefs from their parents and others just like the color. We set out to find which team has a bigger fan base by interviewing and surveying the students in our school.

Many people have different opinions. Seventh-grade history teacher Mr. Mills thinks KU is better. “I believe KU is the Kansas team because I think there are actually more Kansans who are KU fans,” said Mills. Seventh-grader Savanna Manrose agrees with this. “They have better coaches, better standards, better jerseys, more action, better colors, and more importantly a better school,” said Manrose. On the other side eighth-grade history teacher Mrs. Gonzalez prefers K-State. “I am a K-State fan, through and through… I’m proud of the state we live in and all of the teams we have,” said Gonzalez. Eighth-grader Tyler Tangye also thinks K-state is better “Because K-State is better at Football, and still really good at basketball,” said Tangye.  Eighth-grader Maggie Spurgin is conflicted about which team is better. “I guess it depends on the sport,” said Spurgin. Seventh-grader Payton Lister agrees with this. “I like both equally, I cheer for both of them whenever they play and I think it shouldn’t really really be a fight. They are both great teams,” said Lister 

On Wednesday, February 22 we took a photo of WRMS students dressed in KU and K-State merch. (Jonathon Morrison)

To try to settle this, we surveyed 192 WRMS students, 33.3% of them preferred K-State, 45.3% chose KU and 20.8% didn’t care. According to the photo, there were more K-State fans. In the end, there is no right or wrong answer to which team is better, it all depends on what you look at and what your interests are.