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On February 6th, 8th grader Patrick Buster was in the WRMS art class, molding clay with a scraper, to smooth out the clay, for a Tic-Tac-Toe board assignment.
3rd Quarter: Falcons Playing & Creating
February 15, 2024

This will be what the new middle school building will look like from a birds-eye view when it is completely finished with construction.
Constructing the Future
Grace Holland and Audrey Threadgold December 15, 2023

The construction for the new middle school building has begun! The MCP Group has been working on building a new middle school to separate the...

Mrs Bertels jumps forward in excitement revealing she is one of the pregnant teachers while the WAVE team cheers for her.
New Life to the World
Bryant Gregoire and Caleb Jenkins December 15, 2023

As winter nears, so do a few babies are coming as well. A few teachers around the building are expecting in a few months. The teachers who are...

The Penny War jar sits in Mrs. Caseys classroom to collect money for the fundraiser.
Pennies for Presents
Kaelyn Hudson and Julia Mashal December 15, 2023

The holidays are known for receiving presents, but at WRMS we are raising money for different fundraisers. The SWAT team is aiding a home at...

On Tuesday, Janurary 30th in gym A, Coach Chooncharoen calls a timeout to have a discussion with the 8th grade boys basketball team during the home game against Eisenhower.
3rd Quarter: Falcon Sports
February 15, 2024

On November 29th, 8th grade boys wrestler Jax Johnson pins his opponent down and wins the match.
Pin It To Win It!
Olive McCurry and Reagann Trimble December 15, 2023

Wrestling season is over, but check out these photos of our 7th & 8th grade boys wrestling team!

Braxton Ullery defends Everett Un in day two of basketball tryouts.
Ally Oop, To The Hoop
Trace Russell and Braxton Ullery December 15, 2023

The girls basketball season has come to a close, and boys basketball is now in season. Training in the off-season is a crucial part of becoming...

Enjoy The Games
Enjoy The Games
Avie Jolicoeur and Eleanor Knudtson December 15, 2023

What is your favorite movie? It's a basic question, but if you haven’t seen the newest from the Hunger Games series, it’s about to be your...

Slope is one of the few games that is not blocked, so students could play it during downtime.
Should Games be Unblocked?
Keaton Chooncharoen and Michael Warren December 15, 2023

There has been an open argument at WRMS on whether computer games should be allowed. Some kids think they should be allowed to play computer...

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