Ready for Takeoff!


Auggie Elliott and Myles Didde

In June of 2025, 26 people will be going on a 12-day trip to Panama and Costa Rica. There will be 4 teachers attending the trip. They are Mrs. Terrell, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Munz, and Mr. Willis.

The price of the trip is $4,619. This includes airfares, hotels, ground transportation, 2 meals a day, and excursions/activities. Mrs. Terrell, the Spanish teacher, is the one hosting the trip, “I am hosting this trip because I know the value of international travel and educational experience that help students connect to other cultures, languages and ways of life,” said Terrell. She thinks that the trip will be very educational, “It helps them also understand their own culture and grows their appreciation for being American while having a global perspective on life,” said Terrell. One of the students, 8th grader Makenzie Buell, is anticipating the trip. “I’m really excited because I think Costa Rica sounds like a lot of fun and it would make my summer a lot better,” said Buell. 7th grader Vivienne Ndungu thinks it will be beneficial to travel younger. “I think it would just be a good experience to travel the world at a young age,” said Ndungu.

As of now, only 8 more people can sign up for the trip. Anyone that is connected to WRMS can go on this trip. It will last from June 4th to June 15th.