Teen terms


Ava Moore and Jakobe Stringfield

Sometimes, it’s hard for adults to understand students and their lingo. In order to fix this problem, we have created a guide to help adults understand students and the words that they say.


Rizz (adj) 

What adults think it means: “I got character!” – Mrs. Roney

What it really means: “It means you got game.” -7th grader Isaiah Whiteside


Cracked (adj)

What adults think it means: “Like you’re hyped or excited.” – Mrs. Terrell

What it really means: Cracked means that you are good at something.


Tweakin (noun)

What adults think it means: “Like you’re going crazy?”- Mr. Heintriz 

What it really means: That you are acting weird/being suspicious.


Situiationship (noun)

What adults think it means: “When you’re dating, but you like someone but you’re not together.”-  Mrs. McDonald 

What it really means: when two people are almost dating, but it’s open, so you can still talk to other people. (Almost, Mrs. McDonald!)


Keep it a buck (adj)

What adults think it means: “It means like keep it real.”- Mr. Werninmont 

What it actually means: keep it real/don’t lie (Good job, Mr. Wernimont.)

So, there you go adults so hopefully you can use these words to understand modern lingo.