Falcons Flying Fast


Samantha Maendele and Kolbi Trower

Every quarter, Washburn Rural Middle School does a fun activity called FAST. FAST is where students, both 7th and 8th grade, get to go do fun activities with their classmates. For FAST there are many different activities the students get to pick from to go do. But if students have too many missing assignments or bad grades, students have to stay behind in class and do work to fix whatever problems they have. Students also take the time to do FAST out of their advisory time, plus classes will be cut shorter than usual. The main reason for FAST is so kids can catch up on missing work and fix their grades, but also teach kids that if they get their job done and try their best they will get rewarded.

FAST is a great way to help students not fall behind. Mr. Dial, the 8th-grade principal, says “FAST is an acronym for ‘Falcons Additional Support Time.’ Its main purpose is to support struggling students whose grades and assignments are slipping.” Kids who have five or more missing assignments and/or two Ns have to stay behind to fix their grades. Dylan Ragesdale, an 8th grader on HEAT, thinks “FAST is a great way to let kids take a break from school.” Most kids like FAST because it’s a break from class, but some kids say that they don’t like the schedule since they don’t have an advisory. Evie Blow, an 8th grader on HEAT says, “I like FAST because I get to see my friends, but I also don’t like FAST because of the schedule.” Most kids would like to have time to finish work so they don’t have HW. “I would change FAST so that kids could have advisory time,” said Blow.  


WRMS is trying to improve FAST, said Dial. “We can do it across the entire building and we are finding ways to improve those days when the opposite grade is not participating in FAST activities so that always helps.” Kids have fun at FAST with the freedom to choose what activities they want. Kids also get time to be social. WRMS has said that they think FAST will continue to help kids in class.

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  • 8th graders, Evie Blow, Brylie Pollet, Stella Berry & Jolie Workman all pose for a picture during FAST on April 11th. The students were out in front of the building purchasing snow cones from Kona Ice.

  • On the WRMS Track, Gentry Coons and WRMS 7th grade classmates walk the track and practice cheer for the FAST activity on April 19th.

  • 8th grader, Dylan Ragesdale prepares to start a dodgeball game with his fellow classmates for the WRMS FAST activity.

  • 7th graders walk around the WRMS track outside and talk with friends as they enjoy the weather for their chosen FAST activity.

  • On April 11th, WRMS 8th grade students begin playing dodgeball by running and trying to get a ball first for their FAST activity in gym A.

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If you have any ideas or questions about FAST you can always talk to Mr. Dial and tell the WRMS Falcon Press staff about your ideas for FAST.