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Should Games be Unblocked?

Should computer games be unblocked at school?
Keaton Chooncharoen
Slope is one of the few games that is not blocked, so students could play it during downtime.

There has been an open argument at WRMS on whether computer games should be allowed. Some kids think they should be allowed to play computer games, others think not and some just don’t care. 

Mrs. Munz, an electives teacher, thinks they shouldn’t. “I do not feel the school should unblock all computer games. If anything, the school’s filters don’t block enough games.” A downside to unblocking all games is students will get off task and grades could drop.

Teachers don’t think students should be allowed to play computer games, but how can this benefit students? It is believed that computer games can help you in things like teamwork and concentration.  Should WRMS add a gaming class to where kids can learn how to play video games responsibly? Consider this: At the peak of streaming in January of 2021 there were approximately 9.89 million people streaming video games and some even making millions of dollars. The top 81 streamers on the platform Twitch have earned over 1 million dollars since late 2019. November of 1998 was the first ever gaming stream, so in 22 years there has been a 9.89 million increase. This would indicate that people can make good money on gaming. Some people live off of their gaming income, so would it become necessary for kids to become good at video games?

While it’s unlikely that WRMS students will grow up to make millions of dollars by video gaming since only 15% of  people who play games can live off their earnings, the other 85% can still make money.  They use streaming to make some extra money for fun.

All in all, video games have some pros and cons and everyone has opinions. We think that administrators should unblock games so kid can practice their gaming skills and possibly one day make money. 

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