We are Family!

Families at WRMS

Lily Schultz

WRMS has a lot of families in the school. There are the Chooncharoens, Steve Choonchareon is a P.E teacher at WRMS, his sister-in-law, Azure Choonchareon, works here as a Reading Plus teacher, and Steve Chooncharoen’s son, Keaton, is a 7th grader here on the All Stars team. The Choonchareons say that they don’t talk very often during the school day. Azure Choonchareon said that even though she and her brother-in-law have busy schedules, she tries to talk to her nephew a lot throughout the day. “It’s hard for me to talk with my brother in law but when I do see him it’s fun and we like to give each other a hard time, and it’s extremely fun to see my nephew because I see him quite a bit, his classes are right down the hall from mine and so it’s fun to tease him and mess with him when I see him,” Azure Choonchareon said. Keaton wishes he talks to his dad more during the day, “I don’t really talk to my dad outside of P.E but I wished we talked more,” Keaton said his cousin Draden, Mrs. C’s son, was an 8th grader here last year.  Mrs. C also had a son that was an 8th grader here last year. 

Lily Schultz

Another family at WRMS are the Englishes, Amy English, and Camber English. Amy is a 7th grade math teacher on the Eclipse team and her daughter is Camber. Camber English is a Reading Plus teacher on the comets team. Camber says she and her mom talk a lot throughout the day, and her mom agrees. “We actually talk a lot and we eat lunch together in the teacher’s lounge every day,” Amy English said. Camber English also finds it pretty cool that she and her mom work in the same building. “I like being able to see her in the hallways, and we get to school around the same time so we get to walk in together. And it’s just cool having another person in the building to talk to about things that are going on,” Camber said. 

Jayla Cruz

One of our art teachers, Mindy Armstrong, has a nephew in 8th grade on the HEAT team, Caleb Menke. They talk often throughout the day as well. “We talk randomly here and there. He’s a very busy guy,” Armstrong said. They love having each other here as well. “It’s awesome having him here. He makes it better when he comes to see me and gives me hugs,” Armstrong said. Menke said he visits her classroom often. “We try to talk every day, I stop by her classroom when I can,” Menke said. 


Airre Stovall


Also, our journalism adviser, Randi Stones, has a son that is a 7th grader on the All-Stars team, Charlie Stones. Stones said “ We don’t talk very often throughout the school day. “He likes to stick to himself, but I really love having him here with me,” Randi Stones said. “I don’t think it’s very weird having my mom work here. It has its advantages,” Charlie Stones said.