December Gallery

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  • The Topeka Civic Theater Actors read the script of “Sorry, Wrong Number” to Ms. English’s 3rd hour class on Tuesday, December 13th.

  • Comet teacher, Ms. English, observes her 3rd hour class as they enjoy the Topeka Civic Theater actors read “Sorry, Wrong Number” on Tuesday, December 13th.

  • Mar’Cellus Robinson-Adams faces off with the opponent from Billy Mills Middle School on December 1st.

  • As the Holidays get closer, StuCo starts to decorate doors. StuCo decorated Mrs. Stones (the Media teacher) door to brighten up her door.

  • Since it’s time for the Holidays, StuCo is decorating some teachers doors! They decorated Ms. Ellis’s (the French teacher) door with gumdrops, peppermints, and snowflakes to make the door look more festive.

  • Mr. Chesmore (7th grade principal) and Mrs. Munz (Art teacher) exit the office and walk towards the commons where Munz will receive an award. She had no idea she was about to receive a giant check.

  • Ms. Munz (Art Teacher) gets emotional as she receives funding from Donors Choice for her “Hungry Kid’s Can’t Learn” program.

  • The HEAT team students intently listen to Dan Meers’ (KC Wolf) presentation on Thursday, December 15th.

  • Dan Meers delivers a motivational speech to WRMS 8th graders on Thursday, December 15th. Meers is the KC Cheifs mascot.

  • The WRMS Falcon Press Yearbook staff poses with their White Elephant gifts. The most popular gifts were the fuzzy belly fanny pack, the Christmas socks, and the fart spray.

  • 8th grade newspaper student Jolie Workman laughs with classmates Jayla Cruz, Sarah Whitaker, and MyLee Mullins as they participate in a White Elephant gift exchange on Friday, December 16th. The most popular gifts were a lava lamp/Skittles combo and blow-up boxing gloves.

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