WRMS 3rd Quarter Gallery – Part 2

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  • On January 25th Mrs Wilcox teaches her 3rd hour class in room B8, telling them to finish their study guide, to study for the test next Tuesday. Story by Zach Wright.

  • On January 26th, 7th grader Iain Singer works on a Science Scavenger hunt in Mrs Campbell’s 3rd hour class with the help of Mrs. Rheim to help review for the test. Story by Rylie Wessel.

  • On January 25th, Mrs. McDowell, who has been a secretary at WRMS for 16 years, deals with money and organizes checks in her office as part of her role as the school accounting secretary. Story by Peyton Glaze.

  • On January 25th, in Mr. Mills social studies classroom, 7th grade student Dominic Vargas watches an educational video on Mr. Mills’s smartboard to learn more about John Brown and his background. Story by Max Bervert.

  • On January 26th, 8th grader Colton McGuire glues newspaper strips on his paper for a magazine collage in the Art room. Story by Ava Moore.

  • Head custodian Lisa Dall cleans the hallway outside of the janitor’s office on January 26th using the electric floor cleaner as part of her duties as WRMS’s head custodian. Story by Amaya Herl.

  • On January 25th, in his office Mr. Chesmore discusses adding a girls wrestling team to W.R.M.S. because of the growing number of girls wanting to join. Story by Madyson Nelson.

  • Officer McCarter and Ms. Rachel work together in the security office on January 26th to look through camera footage for something that happened at lunch. Story by Audrey Gathers.

  • 8th grader Delilah Munoz and her group build a parachute to stimulate the Mars rover that was already made, in Ms. Huber’s science class on January 26th, during 3rd hour. Story by Alea Colley.

  • On January 25th, 8th grader Rogen Anderson concentrates while working on his computer to code his Co2 car in Tech class. Story by Caliyah Moore.

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