Spirit, Hey, Fire It Up!

Spirit Week at WRMS


Ms. Wilcox

Mrs. Campbell’s All Stars team on February 8th, during color war.

During the 2/6-2/10 week of school. Students and teachers showed school spirit following these days,

  • Monday (2/6) Pajama Day
  • Tuesday (2/7) I Heart My School Day
  • Wednesday (2/8) Color War
  • Thursday (2/9) Wear All Blue Day
  • Friday (2/10) Dress Like a Falcon or Chiefs Day
Mr. Weese and Derek Dimarzio, Mrs. Evans on Dress like a Falcon or Chiefs Day, February 10th. (Addison Glotzbach)

Mrs. Stones, the Falcon Press teacher, spoke on why they did Spirit Week. “Well, we thought it’d be a fun day to promote school spirit and yearbook sales, and we also needed more photos for our yearbook,” said Stones. She also spoke on why there wasn’t much participation during Spirit Week. “It would be nice if we could figure out how to get kids to get more excited for it. I felt like we had fun days, like we had pajama day.” Stones wonders if the options for color war were part of the problem. “Eclipse was gray, which maybe wasn’t a great choice. Maybe we could do an all-school vote next time,” said Stones. 

Mrs. Barnes, an 8th-grade math teacher for the H.E.A.T. team, spoke her thoughts about Spirit Week, “I enjoyed Spirit Week, I think it’s fun to do something out of the ordinary and try to show some school spirit,” said Barnes. She spoke on her favorite day of spirit week, “Pajama day, it’s always nice to roll out of bed and be at school.” Barnes felt like “Twin Day” would be a good day to add to Spirit Week.

Maddie Haverkamp & Essie Vick on February 6th, pajama day. (Mrs. Brooks)

Colton McGuire, an 8th grader on the W.A.V.E team said he enjoyed Pajama day during Spirit Week. McGuire spoke about what day he would add if he had the chance, “I would add a day where you could wear whatever you want, like an I heart hot moms or dads shirt.”

There will be another spirit week at the end of the year in May.