Seventh Takes It To The Hoop

7th grade boys basketball

The 2023 basketball season has come to a close with an overall record of 7-2 in league play. They went 2-1 in the CML tournament, losing to Manhattan-Eisenhower. The head coach is Jeffery Garland and the assistant coach is Doug Holmes. There are 20 boys on the roster this season; they are split up by A team and B team.

On January 27th, Myles Bradley goes up for a layup against Rock Creek. (Ava Moore)

Garland has been the head coach for 7th grade basketball for 16 years. Before CML started, he had a good outlook on the tournament. Garland said,  “Our season is going well, there are a few really good teams but the CML tournament will be an opportunity to revenge from our losses to those teams.”

Myles Bradley is a 7th grader on the basketball team. Bradley has been playing basketball for 8 years. Bradley said “ My favorite memory from this season was hitting the game winning shot against Emporia.” Bradley said his favorite team to play against is Emporia because they run a zone defense.

Brooks Ballard is another 7th grader on the basketball team. Ballard has a favorite opponent. Ballard said, “ My favorite team to play against is Lawrence Southwest because they are really good.” Ballard said the funniest person on the team was Austin Giard. Ballard’s favorite memories were all the games they have won.

On February 1st Keaton Chooncharoen shoots a free throw against Emporia. (Audrina Bruno)

Keaton Chooncharoen, another player on the 7th grade basketball team, also has a favorite memory from the season. Chooncharoen said, “My favorite memory was hitting 3 3s within 2 minutes.” Chooncharoen said his favorite team to play against was Emporia because it’s always a close game.

The 7th grade basketball team wrapped up their season with getting second in the CML tournament. They went 7-2 in league play. They went all the way to the championship and unfortunately lost to Manhattan-Eisenhower.