On the Frontier

History Day

Taylor Smith

On Saturday, February 25th, Levi Hoskinson and Kael Harman pose for a picture after taking 2nd place in the Group Documentary. (Mrs. Dowell)

On Saturday, February, 25th many WRMS students participated in the annual History Day competition at Washburn University. Throughout the year, 7th and 8th grade WRMS students have been working persistently on these projects which center on the theme of Frontiers in History. As they have worked on these projects, Mrs. Dowell, one of the gifted facilitators at WRMS, has been helping them write essays, build display boards, create websites, and make video documentaries. 

History Day went very well for 8th grader Levi Hoskinson and his partner Kael Harman.  “We placed second at Regionals and have had the opportunity to take judges’ comments and apply them to the documentary,” Hoskinson said. Towards the end of April, Levi and Kael will be competing for state and hopefully competing in nationals if they do well at state. Hoskinson had some favorite parts of History Day. “My favorite part of history day is looking back at the project after it’s been completed and seeing how far our project has come. How it went from a vision (in our case) to a complete documentary,” Hoskinson said.


After Hoskinson and Harman completed their documentary “No Ordinary Joe: Jumping into the Frontier of Space,” they ended up with second in the group documentary. Mrs. Dowell had said that there was tough competition between many different schools and even competing against some of their classmates. As Hoskinson and Harman worked endlessly throughout the year, they are hoping to place at state to head to nationals.

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  • 8th grader Sophia Miller – 3rd Place Individual Website Scandalous Bloomers! Who Will They Corrupt Next?

  • 7th grader Emma Smith – 1st Place Individual Website Ad Aspera Per Aspera: Crossing the Racial Frontier into Space

  • 7th graders Thomas Appuhn & Brandon Jeon – 1st Place Group Documentary Chinese Rail Workers on the Western Frontier

  • 7th grader Ella Conran – 1st Place Individual Performance Behind Enemy Lines

  • 7th graders Paxton Poe & Jack Savenko – 2nd Place Group Exhibit Board Uniting the East and West: A Frontier in Transportation

  • 8th graders Jadyn Barnett & Lucy Hundley – 1st Place Group Exhibit Board Rosalind Franklin: The Dark Lady of DNA

  • 7th grader Eleanor Knudtson – 1st Place Individual Exhibit Board Changing the Corset: A Frontier in Women’s Clothing

  • 7th grader Aubrey Taylor – 3rd Place Historical Paper From Atchison to Aviation: A Frontier in Flight

  • 8th grader Neva Thompson – 1st Place Historical paper Mapping a Mystery: Frontiers of the Deep Sea

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