6th Grade Tours

Aubrey Shandler

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  • 6th grade Farley student takes a bite of food during their lunch after touring the WRMS building for the 6th grade tours.

  • 6th grade Farley students get their first ever middle school lunch during their time at the WRMS on April 14th for their tour of the middle school.

  • Assistant principal Charlie Chesmore talks to the 6th grade Farley students about their upcoming year while eating lunch in the WRMS cafeteria.

  • 8th graders Luke Deering & Drexel Eaton give the 6th grade Farley students a tour of the WRMS building.

  • 8th grader Enzo Cabrilo talks to the Farley students about the pods in the 7th grade hallway.

  • Choir teacher Mr. Lambotte talks to the Farley 6th graders about taking 7th grade chorus in their upcoming year at the middle school.

  • 8th graders Macey Cathcart & Enzo Cabrilo lead the 6th grade Farley students around the middle school during their tour.

  • 7th grader Karma Kneale shows the 6th grade students at Farley around the WRMS building in preparation of their 7th grade year.

  • On April 14th, the 6th grade Farley students listen to Mr. Chesmore talk about the sports and activities WRMS has to offer during their tour at middle school.

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Sixth graders from all over the district have begun taking tours of WRMS to prepare for their 7th grade year. Check out the photos and captions in this gallery for more info!