WRMS 4th Quarter Gallery – Part 2

Click through this gallery to see what WRMS students have been up to!

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  • On Tuesday, May 2nd, 8th graders Ambre Carpenter & Phoebe Gilliland create a sculpture out of clay in room B1. Mrs. Armstrong, the art teacher in room B1, said “The small half of class is working on a community project for American Heart Association for Kansas event Go Red Women’s event to raise money and awareness for the leading cause of death in women.”

  • On Tuesday May 2nd, All stars Malia Grewal, Alayna Bivins, Presley Evans & Destiney Bailey sit on the couch in Mrs. Wilcox’s room while working on two step equations. Grewal said “I like learning new things and how they are put in real life.”

  • On May 2nd, 8th graders Carter Stilwell and Saif Khan play brisketball in WRMS gym A to get a work out in.

  • On Wednesday, May 3rd, 7th grader Hudson Rannebeck peer edits an assignment with peers in Mrs. Chooncharoen’s 3rd hour class. “They have been working on writing an argument on if farmers are guilty or not,” said Chooncharoen.

  • 7th Grader Elena Von Lintel, reads the book, “Just Jamie” after completing her worksheet in Ms. Sergeant’s science room. “Today we’re learning about motion and direction,” said Ms. Sergeant.

  • On Wednesday, May 3rd the 8th grade art room works on their group projects that are due on May 6th. 8th grader Samiya McGlory works on her art painting project and said she really likes art because, “I like all of my friends here and the teachers.”

  • On May 2nd, in room C2, 7th graders Elian Velazquez, Brayden Bush & Johnny Remigio complete stations on Newton’s laws in Mrs. Campbell’s 3rd hour. “The students are learning about this so they can apply it to real life situations,” Campbell said.

  • On May 2nd, 7th graders in Mr. Heinritz’s 3rd hour class learn about the 1920s stock market and its inflation. Heinritz had the students do an assignment that helped show what the stock market was like and let them invest in stocks. Heinritz said, “By the end of this they’re gonna lose all their money.”

  • 7th graders Reese Bruna & Callie Simonsen learn about Kate Richards O’Hare and the Kansas reforms on Tuesday, May 2nd in Mr. Mills’s class. Simonsen said about the lesson, “Most of the time history is a hit or miss with lessons but this one is pretty fun.”

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