Leaving WRMS!!

Check out Students thoughts about leaving WRMS!

Check out these photos of students and end of the year thoughts!

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  • On May 23rd, the last day of school, the 8th grade teachers have set up a picnic for all the 8th grade teams as a fun end of the school picnic so they can end the year on a fun positive note.

  • Nasir Helton (8) on the Champion team smiles big for his last art project of the year.

  • Brookie Cunningham (8) on HEAT team puts on a big smile on her face for the end of the year. Cunningham says “I can’t wait for summer.”

  • On Tuesday, May 16th WAVE team students Kira Evans (8), Haleigh Morrow (8), and Shiah Simpson (8) celebrate their last Tidal Wave Tuesday of the year. Tidal Wave Tuesdays have been used as a reward for the students’ good work and getting their work done on time. At these events, the teachers allow students to play basketball, soccer, and volleyball or just hangout and talk with friends.

  • Wave Student Tyler Grimmet (8) in WRMS Gym B catches his breath during the last Tidal Wave Tuesday on May 16th in Gym B.

  • As the year winds down the halls seem very bare. This is a hallway in the 8th grade pod and it is by Mrs. Evans (SWAT SFA teacher) and Mrs.Murphy’s (WAVE ELA teacher) rooms. They have been great teachers and as this year comes to an end it seems like there isn’t a lot of stuff in the school.

  • Everyone’s lockers are full as the end of the year is coming up. They are full with everyone’s accomplishments through out the 8th grade!

  • The vending machine out in the main hall is all cleared out. Coming down to the last few days it looks like they cleaned out this vending machine.

  • 8th grader Eve Luea on Wave was a new student this year. She said she was really excited about coming to WRMS this year and it was a good year. She said she really enjoyed the volleyball season here at WRMS. Luea says “Volleyball season was fun because I just got to meet more people and new friends.”

  • 8th Grader Jolie Workman is a student on Wave team. Her favorite teacher at WRMS has been Mrs. Munz, one of the Art teachers at WRMS. “She is really chill and she just let us hangout and she is very nice and she provided us with a snack drawer so that’s pretty cool.”

  • This is Greer Callaghan (8) and Jarah Dodder (8) outside after they ate lunch. Callaghan and Dodder like Mr. Heinritz the 7th grade history teacher for All Stars . Dodder says “I love Heiny because he is always so fun.” Callaghan says “Heinritz is the best teacher because he is just fun”.

  • This is 8th grader Ryan Austin on Swat team. He really likes the teachers at or school he says. Austin said “My favorite part of middle school is probably the teachers because they are nice and cool.” Austin also said “make sure to get my crocs in the picture.”

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