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Find Your Next Adventure At The Book Fair

Caitlyn Al-Murrani
On October 10th, The Scholastic Book Fair opened in the WRMS library and was ready for kids to come and buy books.

Flashback to elementary school, the Scholastic Book Fair. The vibrant pens, the abundance of books, waiting to take you to a faraway land of your imagination. The colorful posters, waiting to be hung. The rustle of the book catalog, where you would circle which books you found interesting. Now, after 13 years of waiting, the book fair is coming to Washburn Rural Middle School. 

The book fair opened on October 10th and remained open through the 19th, in the Washburn Rural Middle School library. This book fair was important to many people in the building, particularly the new librarian, Mrs. Baranski, who said, “I hope students find their next great read! I know many students and staff members are excited to get new books in their hands. I am hoping that parents and families shop during Parent Teacher Conferences and find something to read together, get gifts for the holidays, or buy books for students who might not be able to afford any.”`

Both students and teachers were excited to relive their childhood at the book fair. Books can have such a positive impact on one’s life, for example, Mrs. McDonald, a 7th-grade ELA teacher said  “They changed my life, books saved me, books literally kept me alive.”

The book fair had items for every student, from mystery and fiction books, to scented erasers, to cute posters. 8th-grade student, Kaelyn Hudson, was also excited about the book fair. “They had a pretty good amount of options. There were books bigger than 200 pages, which was nice. I like to read bigger books.”

After the book fair Baranski said, “We sold around $4800 of merch, but I earned about $2200 in Scholastic Dollars to buy new books for the library.”

All these scholastic dollars will go towards helping fill the shelves with books to inspire students and maybe even change their lives.

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    Mrs. BaranskiOct 26, 2023 at 2:46 pm

    Wonderful article! Thanks to everyone who supported the library!

  • M

    Ms. McDOct 26, 2023 at 12:09 pm