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The Big Question…

Do Teachers really have favorite students?
The Big Question...

Everyone has favorites, whether that’s their favorite food, ice cream flavors, pizza toppings, colors, sports teams, or even just people. What about that question that’s always floating around your school–do teachers have favorite students? Well, as it turns out teachers really do have favorites, they just don’t want to admit it. 

Mr. Heinritz is the 7th-grade All-Star Social Studies teacher.  Heinritz has been teaching at WRMS for 11 years, so he has a lot of experience with students. He said, “I think all teachers have students who they enjoy being around more than others.” As you can see, Heinritz never gave a sure yes or no answer!

But, Ms. Deters, the 8th grade, Wave SFA teacher, has a different thought. “No, I don’t really have a favorite student, but really, each student has personalities that I like or admire.” 

While Ms. Deters maintains that she doesn’t have a favorite student, the kids at WRMS generally believe that their teachers do have favorites. 

Almost 300 students participated in a poll about favorite teachers, and according to the graph below more than 70% of students believe teachers have favorites.

“Teachers say they don’t have favorite students, but we all know they do,” a student who completed the survey said. “Sometimes I think that it is the calm, quiet kids but sometimes it is the energetic ones who make them smile every day. ”

On the other side of this huge question, the students of WRMS answered a poll asking if they had favorite teachers, and it turns out 88.7% of students at WRMS said they have favorite teachers.

Of the 88% of students who answered the poll, Many gave reasons as to why they had a favorite teacher. One student said, “She’s always interactive with me, she is funny, and just nice in general.” 

Like we said in the beginning, do teachers have favorites? Well, we will never know because they won’t directly tell us. 



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