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New Faces and Spaces: Part 3

Staff steps into their new teaching roles

WRMS gives a warm welcome to the new teachers, and old teachers, who are tackling a new challenge. Everyday they work hard to help students, and help make a great economy for these children to interact with one another. With that being said, let’s introduce some of these amazing teachers.


Photo by: Annie Henderson

Mr. Murphy is a behavior technician here at WRMS. He used to be a para at the high school, but recently moved to this job. “I started working last year as a para at the high school, and I really enjoyed working with kids that I was working with. I got asked to take this position and I said yes.” Murphy loves his new job. Although  being a behavior technician wasn’t his dream job, he still loves it. “I don’t wanna say it was my dream job, but someday I want to become a teacher, so this was a good stepping stone, to kinda learning how the school works and working with kids, so it’s a good fit for right now.” 

Story by: Leah Schmidt 

Ms. Beard (Leah Schmidt)

Ms. Beard is a volunteer at WRMS. Beard teaches French during the 1st hour, and then heads up to the high school for the rest of the day. Ms. Beard loves the lifestyle of the French, “Before I became a teacher, I lived in France and attended a University in a city named Besancon. I have a lot of experience with the French language as well as French culture through this experience.”

Story by: Annie Henderson

Ms. Miller (Annie Henderson)

Ms. Miller is the new attendance secretary at WRMS. Miller helps keep track of kids coming and leaving the building. When Miller heard of the job, she took the position because of the school’s great reputation. “I had heard such great things about the middle school, so when I got the job offer I took it.” So far, she is loving her job here. She wasn’t always an attendance secretary. “Before I started working here I worked as a para at Pauline South and WRHS.” 

Story by: Leah Schmidt 

Ms. Burton (Leah Schmidt)

Ms. Burton swapped her job to become the Comet’s SPED teacher. She helps kids who need a little bit of extra help. Burton used to be a para before she switched her job to become a teacher, “I wanted to change to a teacher position so I could help more students.” Being a teacher is a challenging job, you never know what can happen and you have to be quick in our decisions if something goes wrong. 

Story by: Annie Henderson 

Mrs. Hoffman (Leah Schmidt)

Mrs. Hoffman is the new math intervention teacher. Hoffman really loves her job, “I have really enjoyed my new position so far. I have always enjoyed being around older students, because I like to joke around and hear students’ stories, and perspectives.” Hoffman has really wanted to be a teacher since she was little. “I was about 8 or 9, and played “school” with my younger sister.” 

Story by: Annie Henderson 

Mr. Gomez (Annie Henderson)

Mr. Gomez is an Assistive Technician in our school. He is the one of the individuals we go to if our computers aren’t working and if there’s technology issues  in our school. Gomez enjoys his job very much, “I sure do like my job! I get to go hands-on and fix problems happening with chromebooks as well as other technical issues happening around the building.” Everyone has a job that they have always dreamed of since they were a little kid. Gomez’s dream job was far from being an Assistant Technician but he still loves that he gets to work with technology, ”My dream job is either to own my own IT firm or become a Network Engineer Director.”

Story by: Leah Schmidt


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