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Advice for Incoming 7th Graders
Maggie Randall
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Starting middle school may be stressful for the first couple of days, but it only gets easier from there. Students aren’t the only ones who can be stressed with the incoming classes. Teachers are also having to adapt every year to the changes of students and the curriculum. 7th Grade Voyagers teacher Mrs. Roney says, “I am always nervous on how the incoming students will perceive coming to such a big school with all the different kids.” If you’re an incoming 7th grader, don’t worry! WRMS students from the 23-24 school year are here to help all your worries and stress go away with 3 tips.

Be friendly.

The first day of middle school brings different struggles for everyone, 8th Grader Isaiah Whiteside says, “I struggled with making friends because people thought I was scary.” Making friends on the first day can be stressful, so just be friendly to everyone, especially on the first day. 

Don’t be intimidated.

There are two big things students find intimidating about WRMS: the size of the building and opening lockers. 8th grader Makenna Lee said, “My first impression of middle school was that it was big, and I was gonna get lost on the first day, or that I wasn’t going to be able to open my locker, but none of those worries were true, and I was able to do everything”. The good news is that the school allows students to come walk their schedule, and practice opening their lockers usually around early August.

Be positive.

After going through middle school, Lee has an important piece of advice for incoming 7th graders, “Stay true to yourself and don’t change because other people want you to, and surround yourself with positive people in order to have the best time in middle school.” During middle school, there will be lots of low points and high points. Make sure to be yourself and never change because other people want you to. 

 8th Grader Halle Merrick also gave her most important piece of advice, “One piece of advice I would give to incoming 7th graders is to branch out and make friends with kids from other schools.”  During middle school it’s important for you to create relationships with your peers, because these are the people you will be with for the next six years. 

After going through a year of middle school, 7th grader Abigail McGuire said, “One piece of advice I would give would be to focus in class, be respectful, nice, and get your work done.” Middle school creates habits, if you don’t get your work done then that will most likely be something you struggle with in the future. Create good habits.

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