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Mrs. Holmes’s Retirement

Saying goodbye to Mrs. Holmes as she packs up for retirement

Mrs. Holmes, the 8th grade counselor at WRMS, is retiring. This is very sad for so many people because over the 24 years she’s worked here, she’s had such a huge impact on so many students and teachers’ lives. 

8th grade counselor Mrs. Holmes (Katelyn Carlson)

Although she’s retiring, she had some time to reflect on all her memories from WRMS. “My favorite memories are about different students over the years who have found success after facing some pretty big challenges.” As a counseling staff, she sets goals for her students. “For each positive move on the chart, the kids would earn some type of a reward. At the end of the quarter, if the student had met whatever goal was set, we would cater a special breakfast or lunch for them.” Those are not the only memories, however. “Another favorite memory is of the Kindness Unites Us programs we used to have where students would write a note or tribute to a person who had a positive impact on them, and then they would be invited to the school for a special presentation where the student would share their tribute with the person they honored.” Over the 27 years she’s worked as a counselor and the 32 years she’s been in education, she will miss it all, but mostly the people. “Hands down, it will be the awesome people that I have had the privilege of working with over the years and have become close friends with–and of course the students!”


8th grade HEAT team student, Kyndall Keller is one in particular. Keller said she is very close with Mrs. Holmes, and views her as a “school mom.” Keller said, “She’s very kind and has always been an open person for me to talk to and go to if I ever have a problem with anything.” Keller would definitely recommend students go to Holmes. “She’s a very hard working person, she’s always on her feet, she’s always trying to help people, and if you ever have a problem you can always go to her.” Not only is Keller going to miss Holmes, she’s going to miss the memories she’s made along the way with Holmes. “She’s been a part of my day everyday since 7th grade, I’ve always gone in there and seen her about everyday. She’s just become a big impact on my life and she’s helped me with a lot, I am going to miss her a lot.”


Another person who will miss her dearly is Mr. Dial, the 8th grade principal at WRMS. Dial has put much trust in Holmes over the years. “She’s been here so long that she’s been a huge asset with me and just working with teachers and students, navigating the schedules so I think just her overall knowledge of how things run here at the middle school has been a huge benefit to me.” Even though Dial and Holmes have many memories together, Dial doesn’t have a specific one that’s his favorite. “I mean we obviously talk a lot about students so having some familiarity in joking around and she’s just been someone who’s always been there and always cares and always thinks of others.”


One of Mrs. Holmes’s good friends is Mr. Tush, who has worked with Holmes for 4 years and has had some really great moments with her. “The job of a counselor is difficult but she repeatedly met those challenges with straight forward ideas, humility, gratitude, and a strong dose of humor.” Tush said. He continued with how great of an impact she’s had on students’ lives, “Mrs. Holmes has made a positive impact on countless students, families, and colleagues. The best thing I can say is I want to be like Mrs. Holmes when I grow up.”


Mrs. Bauer, 8th grade counselor at WRMS, has been working with Holmes for 6 years, and has grown a strong bond with Mrs. Holmes. Bauer said her favorite thing about Mrs. Holmes is that, “She is always willing to help others with just about anything. If she doesn’t know the answer to a question she will ask someone or point you in the right direction. She is a great advocate for students and staff and will truly be missed.” 


Now that Mrs. Holmes is leaving Mrs. Gloss will be the new replacement, and administrators have hired a new 7th grade counselor to replace Gloss, Maret Schaefer who’s currently at Jeff West. 

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