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Fire or Nah?

A look at trends from this school year

There have been many trends this year, good and bad. We visited the students from WRMS to find their most and least favorite trends from this school year. Some of these are very questionable, but there have been multiple trends that people have mixed feelings on.


Top 5 Trends of this School Year

  1. Candy Salad

A candy salad is when you mix various candies in a bowl to make a salad. 7th grader, Cameron Fox said, “They are fun to make and they taste really good.”


  1. 0.5 

Definition: A 0.5 is a selfie that is taken with the ultra-wide angle lens on a smartphone.  

Apples: People like to take 0.5 because it makes the person you take a picture of look elongated.


  1. Slime 

Slime is a sensory fidget toy that used to be very popular and is starting to come back. Slime can be purchased but many people like to make it at home with glue, and borax, and you can add in coloring, glitter, charms, and many more things.


  1. Crocs 

Crocs are rubber slip-on shoes that people like to wear in the summer. 

Appel: They are very easy to clean, you can wear them in the water, and many parents like to buy them for their kids because they’re not very expensive and kids love to put little characters in the holes on the shoe.


Top 5 trends of the school year people wish would go away


  1. Hair cuts 

From ice cream hair, buzz cuts, and perms guys’ haircuts have not been popular this year. 7th grader, Serenity Stevenson, said, “I don’t like how it swoops at the end it is just not a good look.”


  1. Stanley cups

This is a very popular cup that people have mixed feelings about. Carson O’Conner says” They are weird, too big, and way too expensive.”


  1. Taylor Swift 

Many people are beginning to not listen to Taylor Swift anymore for many reasons. Swift recently just got in a relationship with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, and many people think she has got into his head and is making him mess up more. Swift also just came out with her new album The Tortured Poets Department. Some even say her music is worshiping the devil, and just do not agree with her lyrics. 


  1. UGG slippers 

UGG slippers are winter slippers and now that it is summer UGGs are starting to go away. UGGs were so popular that they were very hard to find that many could not get them. UGGs come in many different styles and colors.


  1. Gen Z Slang

The students have had mixed emotions about Gen Z slang. “What’s up brother”, “Skibidi Toilet”, “No Chick-fil-A sauce ?”, and “BOO”. Vivienne Ndungu has an opinion on “What does your gun sound like.” She said, “You can go up to people you don’t even know and start a conversation or make people laugh.”


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