WRMS Clubs

Here is an introduction to all of the WRMS Clubs!

Gardening Club

Sponsor: Mrs. Louderback/[email protected]

This club is all about plants. You can learn how to plant things and take care of the plants that are already there. It’s never too late to join!

Movie Club

Sponsor: Ms. Speagle/[email protected]

Every Thursday afternoon in Ms. Speagle’s room from 3:00-5:00, the movie club meets to watch different Marvel movies and TV shows in chronological order, anyone can join!

Game Club

Sponsor: Ms. Speagle/[email protected]

This club meets every other Tuesday in Ms. Speagle’s room. Kids play tabletop games such as Uno, Sorry, and Monopoly. For more information, contact Ms. Speagle.

Environmental Science Club

Sponsor: Mrs. Louderback/[email protected]

Mrs. Casey and Mrs. Louderback started the club as a way to promote nature conservation, green practices, and ways to enjoy being outside. They hope to teach kids how to make small everyday decisions to help the environment, such as recycling, composting, and reducing energy use. Students just need to sign up to our Google Classroom for announcements and information. They meet every other Thursday.

Craft Club

Sponsor: Ms. Speagle/[email protected]

Craft Club meets every other Tuesday after school. Kids hang out with friends and make crafts. Sponsor Ms. Speagle said, “I just wanted to create a club for kids who didn’t necessarily love sports!” At their first meeting, they made friendship bracelets. 

Anyone can join (meaning it isn’t a 7th-grade club or an 8th-grade club)!

M.A.D Club

Sponsor: Mrs. Munz/[email protected]

Make a Difference club is a service club that aims to improve our WRMS community and the Topeka community at large. We will begin implementing some of our new projects within the next few weeks.

“If I help people, then I like how they react,” said 8th grader Lauren LeBruska about why she joined.

If you’re considering joining, 8th grader Madyson Nelson said, “You need to be willing to give your time and effort and also be willing to work with others.”

Math Club

Sponsor: Mrs. Wilcox/[email protected]

If you like math, then you might like math club! They meet every Monday from 3:00-4:30 in Mrs. Wilcox’s room. You can even try to compete in SUMday.

Circle of Friends

Sponsor: Mrs. Bauer/[email protected]

It’s a time for students to get together and make new friendships and have fun along the way. They also will be coordinating some volunteer time for students to spend time in our medically fragile room helping out with activities. You have to have a signed permission slip to join Circle of Friends on Tuesdays during advisory.

Spanish Club

Sponsor: Mrs. Terrell/[email protected]

The Spanish Club celebrates the Hispanic culture and promotes interest in the study of Spanish through cultural experiences, sharing of interests, peer tutoring, and helping others in our community through service. The club will provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and make a difference in the school and community through student leadership. Members do not have to be Spanish students.

8th grader Nisa Semple said she joined because “I want to learn about Spanish cuisine.”