Watch your Language!

Languages at WRMS

Watch your Language!

WRMS has many students whose first languages are not English. Even though the majority of students at our school speak English, some speak French, Spanish, and Chinese.  

Dulce Gonzalez and Jorge Castillo Magana are some of our Spanish speaking students. Gonzalez, who speaks Spanish, was born here in Kansas and learned to understand English. Everyone in her family speaks Spanish, and she said she also thinks in Spanish.


Castillo Magana, who is another Spanish speaker at WRMS, was born in Oregon. He learned Spanish when he was 1. Spanish was his first language and his family speaks Spanish. 


Jerry Lu speaks Chinese. He says that his first language is Chinese, but he mostly speaks and thinks in English. The only time he uses Chinese is when he is at home, with his family. “My stepdad is the only one who speaks English in my family,” Lu said. 



Ms. Ellis, the French teacher, obviously speaks French. Her uncle and cousins speak French, so she uses it when she talks to them. “I use French at work and when I talk to my friends in France.”