WRMS 4th Quarter Gallery – Part 1

Click through this gallery to see what WRMS students have been up to!

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  • Ms. Lindstrom’s 3rd hour class plays Frisbee golf outside on Wednesday May 3rd for a PE activity. 8th grader Caleb Huntington said, “I like throwing the disc.”

  • On Tuesday May 2nd, 7th grader Cameron Harris reads a story in his reading book in Mrs. Thornburgh’s class. After Mrs. Thornburgh explained what they would be doing then showing them where the quiz is located, she set them off to work. Harris talks about the assignment part of the story. “We are reading a story and answering quiz questions about the story,” said Harris.

  • Mr. Dial talks to 6th-grade students about the middle school cell phone policy during the 6th-grade tour of the middle school on May 3rd. Mr. Chesmore, 7th-grade assistant principal, thinks this tour eases the anxiety of incoming students. “It’s a big change coming from a new building, It’s a huge transition. For them just to be able to put their eyes on it, it helps ease that anxiety,” said Chesmore.

  • In room D5 on March 2nd, Mrs. Spaulding and 7th graders Elijah George & Ayriana Bernskoetter play “statues.” Statues is a game where one person turns their back and the others move but when they look at back, they have to be still. Mrs. Spaulding listed the ways this game helps students. “We have been playing statues as a way to practice self regulation, and to control our impulses,” said Spaulding.

  • On May 3rd, 7th graders in Ms. Speagle’s class read books during 3rd hour. 7th grader Eleanor Knudtson reads “Life in a Jar.” Knudtson said that in her book, the character “can see glimpses of the past because it goes between a history day project and current day history and I was in History Day.”

  • PE student teacher, Coach Reed, talks to the 3rd hour PE class about what activity they are doing on May 3rd at WRMS in Gym A. Coach Reed loves what he does. Reed said his favorite part is “being able to interact with students and having fun doing the games.”

  • On Tuesday May 2nd Mr. Bell, the Librarian of Washburn Rural Middle School, talks to the Champion ELA class in the Library about summer reading. Bell said, “the Middle School Summer Checkout is where Students can checkout up to ten books and return them in the fall.”

  • On Tuesday, May 2nd, Comet ELA teacher Mr. Brown introduces a new project to his 3rd hour students at WRMS. The project was about facing adversity and students got to pick who they wanted to study about. Santino Sivakumar picked Joe Burrow. He said, “I chose Joe Burrow because he’s my favorite football quarterback and I thought he had a good story.”

  • On Wednesday, May 3rd, during 3rd hour Spanish, 8th graders Jolie Workman, Phoenix Benaka, Peyton Godfrey & Brookie Cunningham make Cascarones by painting eggs and putting confetti in them, so they can smash them for good luck. “They are messy, but fun,” said Workman.

  • On Tuesday, May 2nd, the 8th grade band practices for their upcoming concert on May 17th. 8th grader Bailey Hansen plays trumpet in the band. Hansen joined band because, ‘It’s what my sister did and I can’t sing.”

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