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Most Embarrassing Moments

How embarrassing are your stories?

Wrapping up the 2023-2024 school year, one way to look back on the year is to look at embarrassing moments from both teachers and students. Many embarrassing moments were submitted, but these are the most embarrassing ones. 


First story is about some camera trouble!  “My most embarrassing moment had to be when Mrs. Stones made me cry in Media,” said 7th grader Ryleigh Bannister. The 7th grade, 7th hour Intro to Media class was doing photography, and they had to put the cameras back in the bag. Bannister removed the lens cap and it came apart. Not knowing that it was already broken, she thought she had broken it and freaked out. Mrs. Stones, the WRMS Yearbook Adviser, looked at her and said “what?” Ryleigh told her that she might have broken her camera. However, Mrs. Stones already knew that the lens cap came apart, and thought it would be funny to make her feel like she had broken it. So she said “Oh my gosh! Did you break the lens cap? I can’t believe you did that!” in a joking manner, but the damage had already been done. There were tears streaming down Bannister’s face. “I apologized and gave her a handful of candy to make up for it.” Stones said. Bannister forgave her and later said, “It was hilarious!” 


Next story is about a lunch disaster. 8th grader Anna Fowler got ala carte and decided to get a salad. “When I got my salad I put all my dressing in it, but I forgot to close the lid.” Fowler said. When she started shaking up her salad, her lunch flew everywhere including in her lap. All eyes were on her giggling and gasping at the mess. “There were a lot of cameras on me, it was pretty embarrassing,” Fowler said. 


Last story is the first day of school confusion. It was 7th Grader Stazi Johnston’s first day of middle school. She hadn’t looked at her schedule, she went into Mrs. Brooks’s (Eclipse) 4th hour social studies class, when really she was supposed to be in the Voyagers social studies class. “I was in that class for 3 days straight and took her class, until Mr. Mills had to come pull me out and take me to the right class,” said Johnston. “I also still have some of her homework that I had to do, but I’m not sure if it’s still there.” 


There are some stories to laugh at to wrap up your school year. Have a good summer and see you next year Falcons!

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