Farewell Falcons

8th grade students of WRMS are moving on to WRHS, this coming fall. On May 24th the 8th graders are having their promotion promoting them to high school. On the last full day of school, May 23rd, they will be having a cookout during lunch to celebrate their last year of middle school.

The 8th grade choir performs in the talent show on May 12th in the WRMS gym.
Photo by (Raelynn Graves). 

8th graders have made many memories at this school. “My favorite 7th grade memory was the end of year party,” said Kate Wolgast. 8th graders also got many great opportunities. “My favorite 8th grade memory was going to Emporia with the choir to compete,” Wolgast said. There are many things to miss about this school, but Wolgast said, “I will miss the teachers the most.”

7th grade also held memories for many people. “My favorite 7th grade memory was my 6th hour class, most definitely, best class ever,” said Addyson Savage. Many people say 8th grade was one of the best years for them. My favorite 8th grade memory has to be getting to go on the roof of the building for science, that was a pretty cool experience,” said Savage. People make many memories from school. “One thing I’m going to miss about this school is the classes I have with my friends, because next year I might not be able to have any of them in any of my classes, and also getting to act like a kid, next year I probably won’t be able to act like I am still in kindergarten,” said Savage.

On January 19th, 3rd hour PE plays hockey against their peers in small groups.
Photo by Raelynn Graves.

Moving on to WRHS is a very exciting experience, but we can’t forget the memories we made at WRMS. Cadence Bonham said, “My favorite 7th grade memory was definitely winning the All Stars Student of the Month award,” Bonham also said, “My favorite 8th grade memory has to be my everyday 5th hour ELA class or HEAT Treat.” Middle school can be a big part in people’s lives. “What I will miss most about WRMS is being so close to all my friends and getting to see them every day,” Bonham said.