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Taking A Break From Testing With Games

Brandon Dial, Mellissa Lambotte, and Jax Johnson were a few who participated in the Minute To Win It on April 10th, in the gym, to take a break from testing.
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  • 8th grader Ann Homan sticks straws in potato against HEAT team Social Studies teacher Mr. Wernimont on April 10th, during 8th grade FAST. “ I was nervous because I felt like I was going to lose against him, but I enjoyed beating Mr. Wernimont,” Homan said.

  • During 8th grade FAST on April 10th, 8th grade Champions Math Teacher Mr. Dillion picks up M&Ms with a straw in the Minute to Win it game Suck it Up against 8th grader Ava Kuhlman.

  • 8th grader Zachary Hancock places M&Ms on straws during Suck It Up on April 10th during 8th grade FAST.

  • During 8th grade FAST, 8th grader Atticus Weber plays Face the Cookie, as Mrs. Wiles cheers him on while he tries to get a cookie from his forehead into his mouth.

  • Miss Grant slides a cookie down her face while playing Face the Cookie during 8th grade FAST against competitor Grace Holland. “I would’ve played Mr. Wernimont if I could’ve because he seemed like a tough competitor,” Holland said.

  • 8th grade principal Mr. Dial stacks M&Ms on straws during the Minute to Win it game Spudnick against 8th grader Collin Lesser.

  • 8th grader Aiden Yocum plays Spudnick against Ms. Simms, substitute ELA teacher on the Champions team, during 8th grade FAST on April 10th.

  • Heat team’s Mr. Weese stacks cups on April 10th during 8th grade Minute to Win It game against 8th grader Audrey Threadgold. “Honestly, I just chose the first face I saw because didn’t know that I had to pick names,” Weese said.

  • Coach Chooncharoen plays Ka-broom against his son, 8th grader Keaton Chooncharoen, on April 10th during 8th grade FAST.

  • 8th grader Jax Johnson throws a ping pong ball while trying to win in Sticky Situation during 8th grade fast. “I will win this battle between Mrs. Lambotte and myself,” Johnson said before the competition.

  • 8th grader Rylee Bauer throws a ping pong ball while playing Stickey Situation on April 10th against her mom, Mrs. Bauer.

  • Band Teacher Mrs. Lambotte trys to get a ping pong ball on the bread before her opponent 8th grader Jax Johnson, while playing Sticky Situation on April 10th. “ It felt pretty good to win because he beat me last year,” Lambotte said.

  • All Stars ELA teacher Mrs. Estensen stacks cups during 7th grade Minute to win it game Stack Attack. “One of the most fun parts of the competition is the trash talk between teachers, and winning two years in a row just helps fuel that,” Estensen said.

  • 7th grader Alden Tucker celebrates getting the Oreo in his mouth on April 10th, during 7th grade Minute to Win it Game, Face the Cookie. Tucker said, “I would play it again next year because it was fun, and I got to eat food.”

  • 7th grader Hudson Spitler cheers on people that are playing Minute to Win It games during 7th grade FAST.

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Brandon Dial, 8th grade principal, arranged a Minute To Win It assembly on April 10th, a series of games involving students and teachers, to take a break from state testing.

Band teacher, Mellissa Lambotte and 8th grader, Jax Johnson, competed against each other in “Sticky Situation,” a game where you have to bounce a ball on a piece of bread, spread with peanut butter. Last year, they went against each other in the same event. Mrs. Lambotte said, “He got the ball on the bread in one shot, I got it on the bread in two. So I wanted a rematch and I won!” After Johnson lost he said, “It kinda sucked, but I’ll get back.” If he had the opportunity to choose another teacher to compete against, he already has an answer. “I would’ve chosen Mrs. Dowell, because me and Mrs. Dowell are best friends.” 

Mr. Dial arranges the Minute to Win It because he wants to be able to let the students see their teachers from a different perspective, “This may be one of the only times students see their teachers competing, acting silly, or doing something that isn’t easy for them.” Mr. Dial is looking for ways to improve the event. “It would also be great to get more students involved, I think having them come up and participate creates more excitement and makes it more appealing to the students overall.”

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