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The Taylor Swift Album Review

Taylor Swift has a lot of songs and albums that many people like and love. You can be a Swiftie, or not, either way, I guarantee that you have heard one of her songs. Taylor has recently put out a brand new album called “The Tortured Poets Department.” There are 31 songs on her album.  


One of Taylor’s songs, “Fortnight” is Ms. Deter’s favorite song on the album. Deters says “ You have to be in the right mindset, which is to be sad, to listen to it to be able to understand her album.”  It’s safe to say that most people have heard about Taylor Swift’s new album, we listened to all 31 songs and these were the top 5! 


5.¨My boy only breaks his favorite toys¨ 


We ranked this song number 5 because it’s just an “okay” song. The song is very sad and it brings down your mood. On the positive side, it has a good consistent beat that might make you groove to it. 


  1. “So long, London” 


This song is not the best on this list, but it’s the type of song to take you down memory lane every time. 


  1. Who is afraid of little old me?” 

    Taylor Swift’s new song “The Totured Poets Department” on her new album, “The Tortured Poets Department.”


This one is very popular and it’s a song you can connect with. However, the lyrics are really repetitive, and the beat is just like all of the other songs.


  1. “Clara Bow ” 


This song was 2nd because it had some great reviews and it was better than the majority of this sad album.  It is a gentle song that is slow-paced. It was an ok song.


We chose “Clara Bow” as number 2 because it was a song that you can listen to anywhere at any time and have no problems.


  1. “florida!!!” 


Coming in at #1 is “florida!!!” because it had a constant good beat to it. This connects to Daniel Martin because ¨Most of my family lives in Florida.¨ 


Thoughts on the new album were very mixed, Caitlyn Al-Murrani 8th grader says “I have listened to her new album and I think it’s a work of art. My favorite song from the album is “Who is Afraid of little old me?” 7th grader Mathew Blakeslee said “My favorite song from the new album is Fortnight because it features Taylor Swift and Post Malone. The album is pretty good but I haven’t listened to it but yeah it’s pretty good. I also think it’s kind of emo and I believe it’s about a breakup.” 


Let’s do some honorable mentions:


  • ¨Guilty as a sin¨ it was an okay song it just was honestly kind of sad. 
  • ¨I Can Do It with a Broken Heart ¨ She was talking about another girl almost the whole song so this album must be about a breakup.
  • ¨Down Bad¨ It was sad and it talked about a broken heart pretty much the whole time. 


In our opinion, this album wasn´t the best album out of all of the albums Taylor has put out. The best in our opinion is “1989 (Taylor’s Version)”. “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” is very joyful and upbeat while ¨The Tortured Poets Department¨ is sad and has very emo songs.

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