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Ship or Dip?

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce?

Ship or Dip? We don’t mean like the big boat that holds a bunch of people and the dip that people dip their chips in. We mean, do you think a couple belongs together (SHIP) or do you think they don’t (DIP)?  If you have been living under a rock for the past 2 months, global pop star Taylor Swift and football star Travis Kelce have broken the internet with their relationship. Swift has attended 4 Chiefs games watching from the box with momma Kelce and Patrick Mahomes’s wife. Rumor has it that Kelce could be following her on the South American part of her Eras Tour. However, this topic isn’t necessarily the perfect match in everyone’s eyes. Some WRMS students say “Ship” and some say “Dip.”

Presley Hawkins, an 8th grader on the CHAMPIONS team, is a big Swifty (what fans of Swift call themselves). “She is a really good artist and her writing is excellent,” said Hawkins. Hawkins believes the relationship is a good thing. “Kansas and Missouri will hopefully get more appreciation.” Said Hawkins. Some people think they won’t last as a couple because of how Swift writes about all her relationships, but not Hawkins. “This is her 13th boyfriend and that’s her lucky number.”

Carly Lafond, a 7th grader on the VOYAGERS team, disagrees.  Unlike Hawkins, she does not support them together. “I think I’m the better offer for him,” Lafond said.

Arna Kathuria, a 7th grader on the VOYAGERS team, also a huge Swifty, explains how she loves Taylor Swift. “ I really like Taylor Swift, I think she is very kind and sweet and I like her music,” says Kathuria. Regarding Kelce and the Chiefs, she is a fan as well. “ I really do believe they are dating and I do like them together, I think they are cute and fit each other.” Aside from the couple, Kathuria is a fan of Kelce himself. “I am a Chiefs fan and I do like Travis Kelce, he is a really good player.”

Mrs. Hundley, the SFA HEAT teacher, is a big Chiefs fan.  “ The Chiefs are my favorite NFL Team and Travis Kelce is my Favorite Player.” Unlike others, she dislikes Taylor Swift. “I’m not the biggest fan. I like her music enough, but I think my opinions of her are swayed by the distraction. I feel like this whole relationship thing with Kelce is causing that.” Hundley has a different take on the relationship. “I honestly don’t like it at all. It seems like a publicity stunt- which sounds silly since they are both famous and don’t need more attention drawn to them. I also think it’s been a distraction from the Chiefs football games.” 

It’s clear that everyone at WRMS has different opinions at the end of the day.  People either like “Traylor” (The official celebrity ship name of Taylor and Travis) or they don’t. Now what do you think? Ship or Dip?

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    TylerOct 26, 2023 at 2:47 pm


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    AnnaleighOct 26, 2023 at 2:18 pm

    For some reason I ship.