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Holiday Spirit Arrives Early at WRMS

It’s okay to celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving

A whisper of a melody comes from Ms. Colwell’s classroom. Christmas music brings joy to all those around. The red, green, and gold decorations are up and shimmering, the day after Halloween. The cheerful loving vibe is filling up the room, so people can enjoy Christmas just a little more. While many people may not like the idea of celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving, a recent survey at WRMS, most people say it’s okay to celebrate before Thanksgiving. 

 Many people put their Christmas tree up in December, but Elise Gillaspie gets an early start “I put my Christmas tree up on October 22nd”.  

Decorating the outside of your home before Thanksgiving has one major benefit, warmer weather. Since Thanksgiving day, temperatures have been low, with highs in the 30s and 40s. Topeka even had its first snow of the season. According to AccuWeather, prior to Thanksgiving, temperatures were in the 60s and even 70s. Those who put their Christmas lights up early were probably thankful to have it done before the winter storm. 

Ms. Cowell has a bright Christmas tree up in her room to provide more Christmas spirit.
(Jordann Shatto )

Celebrating Christmas early can also bring more joy. WERC teacher, Mrs Dowell, believes in this theory.  “I put up my Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving because they make me happy. The Christmas season makes me feel happy for several reasons. It indicates a change in seasons, something I love about living in the Midwest, it is a time when people are generally more giving and thankful, and it is a time when I know I will see my friends and family gather more often”.  

Getting to enjoy the Christmas spirit and all the merry people only lasts for so long. Ms. Colwell started early this season, and even put up her Christmas tree in her classroom, “I put the Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving in my classroom so I could enjoy them a little bit longer”. Ms. Colwell also mentioned, “I also think the saying ‘Thanksgiving is a day and Christmas is a season’ kind of resonates with me”.  

Now, most people eat an amazing, unique feast on Thanksgiving, but  8th grader, Maila Grewal, has her own point of view, “Thanksgiving is just a pre-feast before Christmas”. 

Christmas only comes one time a year, so enjoy it while it lasts, spend time with family, and appreciate the presents you get under your tree.

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