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Team Wheels or Doors?

Students weigh in on their opinion on how many doors or wheels are in the world

It depends on who you are asking, but many people are team doors and some are wheels. Not which is better, but which there are more of in the world. This topic has been around for almost a year. Believe it or not, people are fighting about whether they think there are more wheels or doors. It started last March when Twitter user @NewYorkNixon decided to make a tweet asking if people thought there were more wheels or doors. Wheels won by 56.6 percent.

Could there be more wheels? 7th grader, Zayne Hancock, argues there are more wheels than doors. “I think there are more wheels because of car and other things”
(Bryce Adolph)

Those who believe there are more wheels in the world are considering the amount of cars and toys with wheels. Others with opposing views think there are more doors because hotels and houses are filled with them. Addi Still, an 8th grader, believes there are more wheels. “I think there are more wheels in the world because there are way more things that have them, like cars, shopping carts, and toys.” Although that may be true, there are lots of places that have many doors, for example: hotels, car doors, apartments, houses, etc.

Some believe anything with a hinge can be a door. 8th grade SFA teacher, Mrs. Deters, says “I think there are more doors! Anything with hinges should be a door.”
(Bryce Adolph)

Another thing people in favor of doors consider is that cabinets, lockers, or even anything with a hinge, should be allowed to pass as a door. Mrs. Deters, 8th grade SFA teacher, says “Anything with hinges should be a door.” It’s estimated that there are about 42 billion doors and only 38 billion wheels in the world.

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