WRMS Teachers Win Grants

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  • Amy Campbell, 7th grade science teacher on the All Star team, wins a grant from the district to fund 25 closed-faced fishing poles. The $1000 grant will allow all 7th grade students to go fishing. Campbell said, “Our outdoor education lab allows us to provide this lifetime opportunity for our students.” Story by Brodie Schumacher & Airre Stovall

  • Alan Mills, 7th grade social studies teacher, receives a grant to help bring speakers and presenters to WRMS so 7th grade students can learn more about Kansas history and government. The speakers will share insight about early Kansas settlements and the growth of the state. “This kind of living history has a special and powerful impact on our students,” said Mills. Story by Jackson Noller & Miya Parkins

  • WRMS art teacher Mindy Armstrong accepts a grant for her children’s book project by posing with the award committee and her 2nd hour class. This award will impact 65 students in the art department. Armstrong said, “Students will be a part of a collaborative children’s book that they will write and create visuals.” Story by Jolie Workman, Kinsley Freeman & Maddi Bahr

  • Journalism teacher Randi Stones receives a $600 grant to fund a news based website using SNO sites for the Falcon Press Staff. “I love the idea that students can create content and share both their photography and writing online. It’s also the same program WRHS uses to run their student publication, ‘The Blue Streak’,” Stones said. Story by Jayla Cruz

  • WRMS instructional facilitator Jenny Leonard receives a grant to fund a project called “Electric Poe Classroom Immersion.” The grant involves the English department and will fund performances of either “The Masque of the Red Death,” “The Pit and the Pendulum,” or “The Tell-Tale Heart,” all plays by Edgar Allen Poe. Leonard said that, using the performance as inspiration, “students will create their own moody masterpiece in the form of a dramatic scene or monologue.” Story by Delainey Wilkerson & Sarah Whitaker

  • Tiffany Munz, WRMS art teacher, poses with her check for her “Take What You Need” bin. Munz said, “I had a ‘Take What You Need’ bin in my classroom last year…students who forgot things or were unable to afford them could stop by my room at any time and could take what they needed, no questions asked.” Munz said she bought items out of pocket last year and wanted to expand it this year to impact more students. Story by MyLee Mullins & Lily Schultz

  • Champions SFA teacher Stephanie Vopat holds a $1000 check to fund an assembly for 8th grade students featuring Dan Meers, the Kansas City Chiefs football team mascot. “The students will have the opportunity to hear a meaningful message about anti-bullying and character education from a local sports celebrity,” Vopat said. Story by Cutzi Bedolla-Ramos & Tyler Edmiston

  • Jayme Lindstrom and the PE department are awarded a $1000 grant to repair and replace old equipment. PE equipment can be very expensive and goes beyond the PE budget. Ms. Lindstrom, who applied for the grant, said, “A bonus is that not only will almost 1,000 students be impacted in the classroom, equipment use can go beyond with athletics and the summer Fit Camp.” Story by Miranda Butler & Miles Cavitte

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Each year, the Auburn Washburn Foundation awards grants to teachers and school staff all over the district in the month of October. WRMS teachers received seven of these grants. Click through the gallery to read about each one!