Ready, Set, Quack


Miranda Butler

Eighth grader Cole Spitler smashes a pie in Mr. Lambotte’s face for being the top seller out of both Mr. Lambotte’s 1st and 3rd hour.

During the month of September Choir, Orchestra, and Band all started to sell ducks for the Sertoma Duck Race that Topeka has every year to try and raise money for the Boys & Girls club of Topeka. The money they raised also helps them go to Saint Louis at the end of the year for a contest and to go have fun at Six Flags after the contest. Over all of the music departments, they raised $21,000. The amount of ducks they all sold was 5,077, Choir sold 2,148 ducks and made $8,848, Band sold 2,014 ducks and made $8,420, Orchestra sold 915 ducks and made $3,740. Cole Spitler, Choir’s top seller, sold 592 ducks. Spitler is proud of his sales and said “I get to meet some new people and sell ducks and it’s for the community.”

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  • Eight graders Lexi French and Phoebe Gilliland prepare to pie Mrs. McLeLand in the face.

  • Seventh grader Owen Dowell pies Mrs Lambotte in the face at the Duck assembly.

  • Mr. Lambotte (choir teacher) pies his wife, Mrs. Lambotte (band director) in the face for selling fewer ducks then his classes.

  • Eighth grader Cole Spitler smashes a pie in Mr. Lambotte’s face for being the top seller out of both Mr. Lambotte’s 1st and 3rd hour.

  • Mr. Lambotte with the Duck trophy after the assembly on Friday, October 28th. His choir classes earned over $8,800.

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On Friday, October 28th, an assembly to present awards to the top sellers and the big duck trophy was held in the WRMS gym.  Mr. Lambotte received the award for being the group that sold the most and raised the most money. During the assembly, the teachers got pied in the face by their top sellers. Spitler got to pie Mr. Lambotte (Choir Teacher) in the face, 7th grader Owen Dowell got to pie Mrs. Lambotte (Band Teacher) in the face, and 8th grader Lexi French Phoebe Gilliland got to pie Mrs. McLeland (Orchestra Teacher) in the face. 

Dowell really enjoyed shoving the pie in Mrs. Lambotte’s face. “It was fun, because not everyone gets to do it. Also, she’s pretty sarcastic, so it was a way to get some payback.” Lambotte didn’t just get pied in the face. Gabi Lopez, 8th grade band student, said, “It was fun because she even had pie on her boots.” Mrs. Lambotte was a great sport about the whole thing. “Owen Dowell managed to get a ton of whip cream up my nose and it’s all I could smell the rest of the day. But it was worth it because we did such a good thing for the community,” said Mrs. Lambotte. Lambotte is married to the choir teacher, and said, “Getting to do things with your spouse at work is always fun. Even though the band got second, it’s still a good feeling to see Mr. Lambotte be successful.” 

In addition to their win, the WRMS music departments just completed a tour of district elementary schools, which you can read about HERE. You can also catch the WRMS bands, orchestras, and choirs at their holiday concerts in December.