WRMS 3rd Quarter Gallery – Part 1

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  • Eighth graders Brodye Kocher-Munoz & Jacob Hoytal play their clarinets along with their other classmates in Mrs. Lambotte’s 2nd hour band class on January 25th. Story by Brylie Pollet.

  • During 2nd hour on January 26th, Eclipse team teacher Mrs. Chooncharoen’s 7th graders Mylei Dawson, Mary Martinez, & Zach Herzog listen carefully as they get ready to highlight and annotate their papers to study for a upcoming test. Story by Samantha Maendele.

  • Paxton Poe uses Canva to work on his Biome One-Pager assignment in Mrs. Estenson’s 7th grade class on January 26th. Story by Avery Jepson.

  • On January 25th, 7th grade All Stars Everett Un, Hayden Meyer & Carson O’Conner do natural selection population rotations in their 2nd hour for science class. Story by Anah St. John.

  • Voyager Z Elem (7) plays Integer Bingo in Miss Henley’s 2nd hour math class on January 26th. Elem said “It’s fun.” Story by Reagan Tibbetts.

  • Eighth grader Conley George plays guitar in Mr. Lambotte’s room as part of second hour guitar class on January 25th. Story by Kaylee Fernandez.

  • On January 26th, 8th grader Jolie Workman serves the volleyball during Ms. Lindstrom’s 2nd hour P.E class in Gym A for the volleyball unit. Story by Dae’Veon Campbell.

  • 7th graders Maggie Randall & Alayna Bivens listen to All Star Social Studies teacher Mr. Heinritz teach during 2nd hour about Bleeding Kansas and how Preston Brooks beat Charles Sumner with a cane 34 times because Charles Sumner insulted Brooks’s uncle. Story by Jacob Eilert.

  • On January 26th in classroom B8, Mrs. Jones explains the cookie sale-supply and demand worksheet to 8th grader Preston Bahr to help him understand while working with his partner. Story by Kadee St.Cyr.

  • Eighth grader Macey Cathart cuts magazines and uses them to build a Collage with Forests and Mountains in art class on January 25th. She was working on showing foreground, background, and middle ground. Story by Kolbi Trower.

  • 7th graders Jaxson Brown & Mason Alvarez work on a population rotation to find the answers in Mrs. Roney’s science class on January 25th. Story by Zadie Osborn.

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