Super {SCHOLARS} Bowl

WRMS Scholars’ Bowl Team Starts the Season

The Scholars’ Bowl is a program that allows students to compete and showcase their skills by playing against other schools and testing what they’ve learned about specific topics. Students are on teams of 5 and answer a series of questions relating to entertainment, geography, mathematics, and current events. Students buzz in if they think they know the answer, but if they answer incorrectly, the other team has a chance to win points. WRMS has two teams–one 7th and one 8th. The teams travel to meets all  around the area.

The 7th-grade Scholars’ Bowl team takes a break in between rounds of their meet on January 25th to take a quick photo. The team took second place at the meet. Pictured here from left to right are Charlie Stones, Paxton Poe, Thomas Appuhn, Archer Sonteregger, Emma Smith, and Aubrey Taylor.
(Mady Nelson)

Participating in Scholars’ Bowl takes a lot of preparation. 7th grader Emma Smith explains how they study and prepare. “We do quiz bowl against other 7th grade teams at our school because we form teams within our own class and then we compete against each other. That helps us prepare for how to work the buzzers and stuff.” Although it can be difficult, there are also fun parts of being a part of this program. Aubrey Taylor (7) said, “Answering questions and seeing what I know,” is her favorite part. Having fun can also create memories. “My most memorable experience is placing 1st place at the first meet of the year at WRMS,” Lucy Hundley (8) said.

The WRMS 8th-grade Scholars’ bowl team placed first on January 25th, at the first meet of the year, hosted at WRMS. From left to right are Kael Harman, Levi Hoskinson, Nathan Poage, Lucy Hundley, Shri Chidambaranathan, and Cooper Schmidt. (Mrs. Dowell)

The WRMS Scholars’ Bowl team’s next meet is on March 8th at Shawnee Heights Middle School.