Can’t DODGE This!

WRMS Hosts Dodgeball Tournament

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  • 8th grade team, Dodge City, poses for a photo after winning the whole tournament on January 27th in A gym. Left to right; Sam Ramirez, Tyler Tangye, Christian Hartman-Babb, Brody Schwinn & Max Bervert.

  • The winning 7th grade team, The Party Ponies, pose for a photo after the tournament. Left to Right: Vincent Henderson, Miles Doyal, Jay Richard, Creighton Frisby & Drake Yeager.

  • 8th grader Preston Bahr gets ready to throw the ball in A gym while Gavin Vantuyl is looking to see who is trying to get him out.

  • 8th grader Miles Cavitte launches the ball in B gym while the other teams watch.

  • 8th grader Evan Litton celebrates by scaring Gavin Vantuyl in A gym after a win.

  • The Blues, an 8th grade team, huddle up in B gym before their match.

  • 8th grader Bryson Fehr dives in at the beginning of the match for the dodgeball in WRMS A gym.

  • 8th graders Brody Schwinn, Max Bervert, and Tyler Tangye celebrate their win in Gym A after defeating the 7th grade champions in the championship game.

  • 8th graders Peyton Glaze and Christian Hartman-Babb fight over the dodgeball at the beginning of the match.

  • 8th grader Colton McGuire gets ready to fire the ball at the opposing team in B gym.

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On January 27th, WRMS hosted a dodgeball tournament for any WRMS student in gym A as a fundraiser. Students could sign up in advance, it cost $5 per person to participate, $25 per team. Twenty-two teams signed up to participate–12 in 7th grade and 10 in 8th grade. The event was intended to raise funds to help build a school in Rwanda, Africa. 

Mrs. Dowell, one of the gifted facilitators at WRMS, was in charge of the event. Dowell helped the WERC students organize the event. “They thought this would be a fun way to raise money and get the school involved.” 

7th grader Vincent Henderson participated in the tournament. His team, The Party Ponies, ended up winning the 7th grade pool of the tournament but then ended up losing to the 8th grade team, Dodge City. Henderson said he wasn’t scared of taking on the 8th graders. “I am not intimidated by them and I think we could have beat them.” 

Preston Bahr, who was on the Balls of Duty team in the 8th grade pool. His team lost in the first round. Bahr said, “Feels pretty bad because I lost to Tyler Tangye’s team.” Bahr believed the reffing was unfair. “It was terrible because they made terrible calls, like stepping over the line.” 

Max Bervert was on the winning team, Dodge City. Bervert said, “It feels pretty nice, it felt good to beat Gavin Vantuyl’s team.” Bervert felt he contributed to the team’s win. ”I caught a lot of balls.” 

Dowell and the staff were extremely happy with the event and raised $550. Dowell said “We will absolutely have another dodgeball tournament. We learned from what worked and what we would like to do better next time. Maybe there will be a student vs. teacher dodgeball tournament at the end of the school year.”