Is It Too Late Now to Enroll?

7th Graders Enroll into 8th Grade

Caliyah Moore

In February, 7th grade WRMS students went to the cafeteria to learn about enrollment options for 8th grade. These students met with Mrs. Holmes, the 8th grade counselor, to go over their enrollment. Students were given sheets which needed to be filled out and signed by the students’ parents. During this meeting students were able to pick their electives for 8th grade, which isn’t an option for 7th grade.

7th Grade Voyagers listening to Mrs. Holmes

Holmes met with the 7th graders in an order based on their team. From Tuesday-Friday, Comets, Eclipse, Voyagers, and All Stars met in the cafeteria.
Kiara Hille, has already made her decision about what classes to take next year. ¨I’m doing orchestra and Spanish because Mrs. Terrell is setting up a trip and I really want to go.¨
A prior 7th grader of WRMS, Lauren Lebruska, recalled how her 7th grade enrollment experience prepared her for 8th grade. ¨7th grade enrollment helped me pick 8th grade electives, and I was somewhat prepared for 8th grade thanks to the enrollment,¨ said Lebruska.

¨In this meeting 7th graders will learn about the similarities and differences between 7th and 8th grade,¨ said Holmes.