Who Is The GOAT?


Artwork by Madyson Nelson

Do you know what the GOAT means? (And I’m not talking about the furry farm animal with horns.) I’m talking about the greatest of all time. There aren’t just GOATS in sports; they can be in multiple topics as well including academics, or even the government. It has been a debate for years now who the GOAT of basketball really is. You might even know who I’m talking about, but if you don’t know it’s Lebron James and Michael Jordan. Many WRMS students have very different and strong opinions on this topic.

Miles Cavitte, an 8th grader on the SWAT team has a strong opinion on Michael Jordan being the GOAT. “Me personally, I think Michael Jordan, because I can beat Lebron James in a 1v1. He only has a few moves,” said Cavitte. Ava Moore, an 8th grader on the WAVE team had a very similar answer. “Michael Jordan, because he’s just like that. He’s also better,” said Moore. Sam Ramirez, an 8th grader on the WAVE team had a very different opinion than the other two. “Lebron James, because it’s a different era. Lebron also has more assists, Lebron has more rebounds, Lebron has more points, and he is a better team player,” said Ramirez.

In a survey sent out to WRMS students, 134 students agreed on Michael Jordan being the all time GOAT with 75.4% overtaking Lebron’s 24.6%. In my opinion, I believe that Lebron James is the all time GOAT with the skill he has to face and his insane stats.