Funding for the Fun of WRMS

A Look at How WRMS Funds Their Sports


Sports are a very important part of WRMS, but did you know that running sports programs can be expensive? There are facilities, like courts and fields, that must be managed. There are coaches who must be paid. There is equipment to buy, and a lot is needed since WRMS is the biggest middle school in the state.

Where does the funding come from? WRMS is full of many sports like cross country, football, volleyball, wrestling, basketball, tennis, and track which is now in season. These sports give students a great opportunity to show off their talent and learn how to work with each other to succeed. 7th Grade Principal and Athletic Director Mr. Chesmore explained that sports funding comes from district money, local money, vending machines, and ticket sales. Chesmore said, “We have been able to run all of our wanted programs, and recently we proposed to incorporate girl’s wrestling which is being approved.” (See THIS STORY about girls wrestling.) Funding for sports varies and Chesmore talked about how WRMS makes sure to get every sport what they need and then focuses on the wants of each program. The funding depends on how many students participate in the sport, and how much equipment is needed and how expensive that equipment is. COVID resulted in funding going down since fewer tickets were sold, there was a rule of only 2 fans per athlete, and concessions went down since everything had to be prepackaged. All these factors caused the school to bring in less money which led to less funding. Now though, funding has gone back up and tickets sales and concessions have continued to bring in all money needed.

My last question for Chesmore was about getting new and more equipment. The reason I personally chose to write this story is because I participate in track currently and do shot and discus. All the throwers have to wear very old outdated girl’s jerseys and we are given no shorts, while runners get the nice new jerseys and shorts. “I think it’s fair other than thrower’s getting no shorts,” said 8th grader Carter Stillwell. Fellow thrower Sam Scott said,”I feel like they are outdated and I feel like we should definitely get new ones.” Chesmore addressed the issue and said it’s all about timing. “The reason is because we have the new school being built and if we got new jerseys now we would have significantly more than we need.”

This year’s sports are coming to an end, but WRMS will continue to fund and provide for all our sport’s needs.