The Last POP for Choir

The last 8th grade choir concert

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  • 8th grade choir sing during the pops concert on Thursday, May 18th.

  • 8th graders Brookie Cunningham and Makenzie Cowhick pose for a picture during advisory practice on Wednesday May 17.

  • 8th grader Amir Jones sings his solo during “Stand Up” during a rehearsal on Wednesday, May 17th.

  • Choir teacher Mr. Lambotte talks to the parents during the choir concert on Thursday May 18th.

  • The 8th grade soprano section sings“Kryie” during the spring pops concert.

  • On Wednseday May 17th, 8th graders Caden DeShazer and Isaiah Varell, wait for Mr. Lambotte to tell them to start singing in a rehearsal for their spring pops concert.

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The last 8th grader performed their last concert on Thursday May 18th! There are four parts in the 8th grade choir. They are the sopranos ( the higher girl part), the altos ( the lower girl part), the tenors ( the higher boy part), and the basses ( the lower boy part). At the concert, the choir performed four songs at their pops concert; the songs are “Stand Up,” “The Argument,” “Change the World,” and “Kyrie.”

A favorite song is “Change the World.” 8th grader Amir Jones said it’s his favorite. “I just like it,” Jones said. 8th grader Harry Snethen agrees. “I just like how it sounds.” Another favorite song is “Stand Up” from the movie Harriet. 8th grader Dom Nimz said Stand Up because it has a lot of good energy.” 8th grader Malorie Hovestadt said “’Stand Up,’ because it is a capella.” 

The 8th graders have a lot of fun in choir, which leads to some good memories. 8th grader Faith Buchan said “Probably when the sopranos were scared to hit a high note and Mr. Lambotte had all of the tenors, basses, and altos try to hit that high note and they were squeaky.” 8th grader Colgan Hairrs said, “ My favorite memory is probably when we threw Isaiah down the flights of stairs over chairs. He was sitting down and we grabbed him by the arms and through him over a line of chairs.”  8th grader Isaiah Varella said his favorite memory was having Mr. Lambotte as a teacher. “He is a fun teacher to have for choir.”