Washburn’s Got Talent

WRMS Talent Show

Raelynn Graves and Jordynn Hill

Check out the gallery below to see photos from the WRMS talent show on May 12th.

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  • 7th graders Alayna Bivens and Emma Amrine introduce the talented students by dressing up as Granny and Betsy on Friday, May 12th at WRMS.

  • On May 12th, 8th grader Madeline Hall sings “As the World Caves In” to show people her talent at WRMS. Hall had one goal to achieve after the show. She said, “I really wanted to just show others that they can do anything if they put themselves out there for everyone to see.”

  • Choir teacher, Mr. Lambotte, plays guitar and sings “That’s My Job” on May 12th at WRMS to entertain everyone in the stands.

  • On Friday, May 12th, 8th grader Emili Strasser sings, “Lost Boy” for the 8th grade talent show at WRMS. Emili had a big goal to reach at the end of the show. “My goal for the talent show is to have fun and try my best, as long as I can be with one of my closest friends,” said Strasser.

  • On Friday, May 12th, Richard Morrison plays “Super Mario” on the piano during the talent show to amuse the audience at WRMS.

  • On Friday, May 12th, Andrew Zion-Hickman sings “I’ve Got Some Falling To Do” to spread his talent across WRMS.

  • 7th grader Santino Sivakumar plays “Sonatina” on the piano to show people his talent on May 12th at WRMS. Music can bring a lot of joy to people. Sivakumar said, “I chose to participate in the talent show because I thought it would be a fun way of emphasizing my emotions to the people around, and so that they can feel the joy from the music as well.”

  • Madeline Hall and Emili Strasser sing “In My Mind” as a duo to impress everyone at WRMS on May 12th. The students aren’t the only ones who have talent. Mrs. Munz, one of the WRMS art teachers, is one of the organizers of the talent show. She said, “My favorite thing about organizing the talent show is getting to see our student performers gain confidence in their abilities and prepare to show off their talents in front of the school.”

  • 8th graders show their support at the talent show by waving their flashlights on May 12th.

  • On Friday, May 12th, 7th grader EJ Greene dances to “Ball If I Want To” to impress everyone at WRMS. Greene was one of lots of people to display their skills at the talent show. Greene said, “I love showing people my talent.”

  • On Friday, May 12th, 8th grader Finley Guccione plays “Rush E” on the piano for the talent show. Finley enjoys playing the piano. “I chose to participate in the talent show because I thought it would be fun to play piano for everybody,” said Guccione.

  • On Friday, May 12th, the 8th-grade chorus sings “Stand Up” to charm everyone at WRMS for the talent show.

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