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New Faces and Spaces: Part 2

WRMS welcomes new teachers and returning teachers take on new positions

Every year WRMS welcomes new staff into the building, to help students and even teachers learn new things. Let’s go ahead and meet some of them.

Mr. Short (Caitlyn Al-Murrani)

Mr. Short is the new 7th-grade Reading+ teacher on the Voyagers team. He helps kids find amazing books to read, then helps them go more into depth on the different parts of their story. Short has had many great experiences in this new position, some standing out more than others. “Making connections with students, and the welcoming staff who have been a great help to me”. Teaching can be both enjoyable and rewarding to teachers, seeing their students blossom and grow every day. Teachers all have different reasons for why they got into their profession, Short said, “To make a positive impact in kids’ lives”.

Story by: Caitlyn Al-Murrani

Mrs. Withey (Trace Russell)

Mrs. Withey joined the 7th-grade Eclipse team this year. She tries to keep her class fun and interesting. She does many experiments and lessons in her classroom. Withey enjoys many aspects of her new position. Teaching the same things all day and seeing some old students from 6th grade.” Becoming a science teacher wasn’t an idea out of the blue for Withey. She said she became a science teacher because she enjoys the subject. “It’s the most fun thing at school.

Story by: Lily Dunn

Mrs. Wong (Caitlyn Al-Murrani)

Mrs. Wong, our new activities secretary, has been hard at work in her new position. She updates the middle school calendar with field trips, sports events, club meetings, and other school activities. Wong enjoys spending time around all the great people at WRMS. “Getting to be around the kids and still being around the staff. I don’t really have a favorite experience, it’s just the overall experience at the middle school.” Wong also said,  “I worked at a law office for 18 years so when this position became available, I felt like it was a good choice for me because I had so much experience at a law office.” 

Story by: Trace Russell

Mrs. Appelhanz (Trace Russell)

Mrs. Appelhanz joined the 8th grade Champions teams as the new SFA teacher. Appelhanz’s love for teaching started at a very young age. “Growing up I always liked helping people. I love learning. If I could be a student for life, I would, so the next best thing is to be a teacher, just helping people learn”.  There are so many things Appelhanz enjoys while teaching. “Learning new content areas, working with a new grade level, having my own classroom, and then I would say the challenge course, has been a really good time”.

Story by: Caitlyn Al-Murrani

Ms. Roth (Caitlyn Al-Murrani)

Ms. Roth is our school psychologist and she helps students with mental health and their learning abilities. Mrs. Roth has had lots of fun in her new position so far. “Getting to work with a variety of students and learning new personalities.” Mrs. Roth knew this would be the perfect job for her. “I have always really liked psychology and have always liked working in a school environment so school psychology was the best of both worlds”.

Story by: Lily Dunn

Ms. Gloss (Caitlyn Al-Murrani)

Ms. Gloss, a 7th grade counselor, loves to help children when they are struggling or need help. “I started teaching in the world of Covid and kids just had a lot of stress and issues, and I  wanted to help them more, so that is what led me to do that”. Gloss has a good attitude and will be there to help students when they need it. She always tries to help students with their academic success or if they are struggling, and helps to keep their attitudes right.

Story by: Trace Russell

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