WRMS Celebrates the Super Bowl

Teacher goes to the Super Bowl

The Chiefs made it to Super Bowl LVII , and the WRMS community got excited. The was a Chiefs Spirit Day and many students watched the game. One person actually got to attend the game.Mrs. Hundley went to the Superbowl. She was able to get tickets because her brother Jake works for the Chiefs’ ticket office. Hundly was able to take a chartered flight to the game and she was 90% sure the Patrick Mohomes’s mom was sitting a couple rows in front of her. Mrs. Hundley said it sounded like there were more Eagles fan in the stadium, but then towards the end it sounded like there were more Chiefs. Mrs. Hundley said that it was very loud at the game. We asked Mrs. Hundley about the game especially the holding call at the end of the game she said “Yes it was a holding call because he graped the jersey at the begging of the play”.Mrs. Hundley usually goes to 1-2 Chief’s games per year, but she said she would not go back to the Super Bowl because it was so expensive.

After the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, there was a parade celebrating the win in downtown Kansas City. After the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, there was a parade celebrating the win in downtown Kansas City. Janelle Creager went to the Chiefs Superbowl parade. Creager said that she had a very fun time, but she would not go again because “I had to wait so long and I was very squeezed tight together.” Creager loved seeing all the players and was most excited to see Juju Smith-Schuster because she said he was “fine.” Creager also loved watching all the speeches. She said they were really funny because the players weren’t making a lot of sense. Creager also got to stand by the people that gave Travis Kelce his Cain. But overall she said she had a fun time.

Mrs. Hundley took a shot of the field during the super bowl game in the seats.

The Falcon Press hosted a competition to see who could guess the final score of the Super Bowl. Grady Rodgers was one of three winners. He guessed the score perfect and he picked the right team to win. Rodgers said “ I watched the game and it was a good game but I forgot about the predictions page so when I heard my name get called I was surprised”. He said it was just a flat out guess on the score and who would win. Rodgers did agree with holding call he said “Yes it was very obvious

he stopped him two times and when he finally got past he held him again”. Then he said the that the fumble was not a fumble he said there was no football move made and not enough evidence to overturn the call.