ENROLLING into High school

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Since January, 8th graders at WRMS have been learning about their options for next year. They will go to Washburn Rural High School, and they will have to enroll in classes. By law, the state of Kansas requires high schoolers to have certain classes. Mr. Dial, the 8th grade principal, said “Credit amounts are set by the state and are to be followed by every high school within the state. However, students are allowed to choose some classes.” The counselors from the high school have come down and talked about the Honors, IB, and AP classes available. Students also have the option to join an Honors class if you really feel like challenging yourself, It is really easy to switch classes from an Honors to a regular level class than joining an accelerated class at at a later time. When 8th graders enroll into high school, the counselors will look at their schedule from Naviance (a website that generates your schedule for you). They will look at that schedule and they will go through the classes that you want and see if they are full or not. Students can also talk to the counselors to change classes to see if you can take a class with a friend if you wanted.


Dial said the most important thing to think about when enrolling is getting the important required classes, such as speech and PE, taken care of during your freshman year. “If you wait until later years, you will be stuck with newer freshman and I don’t think you would want that,”  Dial said.  Enrolling in high school can be stressful because you may not have any idea what the classes you selected are about and what they provide. You may not know what you want to do as an adult, but as long as you try to plan thoroughly, you should be able to enroll.