WRMS Cheerleaders Choosing the Student Section Themes


Airre Stovell

8th graders, Kadence Reid and Julia Diester pose at the football game on Sept. 8th against Junction City their neon apparel chosen by the 8th grade cheerleaders.

The WRMS cheerleaders are hyping up the football games by increasing audience participation. They are asking the student section to dress according to certain themes. At the 8th grade football game on September 8th, kids dressed in neon apparel, and on September 15th the kids dressed in all of their western gear.

8th grade cheerleader, Langley Tiller said, “Football games can be boring, so doing something fun makes the student section have a good time.” Multiple cheerleaders said that they discussed the themes after practice over Snapchat. Eighth grade spectator, Abre Hill, said she found out about the themes on social media. “Most of the cheerleaders posted on their Snapchat stories then people screenshot it and repost it.” For those who don’t have social media, 8th grade cheerleader Evie Blow said that the cheerleaders might start making posters.
Since this has been so successful the 7th graders have started including it in their football games too. Their first game theme on September 15th was “USA ” where dressed in red, white, and blue. So far students are enjoying the themes and are excited for more such as “Blue Out” and the viral “Hawaiian” theme. This tradition will carry into basketball seasons as well.