8th Grade Plays With Fire


Miranda Butler

8th grade SWAT student Brecken Garrett lights a fire in Mrs. Casey’s science class on Sept. 2nd.

 This September, 8th-grade science classes participated in a chemistry unit. They did a color-changing fire experiment using liquids in the periodic table to create different colors of flames.

8th grade SWAT student Britton Coats-Rush said “The experiment was part of a lesson to test different metals and how they reacted to the extreme heat.”  Mrs. Casey, the SWAT science teacher, “said that not just anyone can do a lab like this. We are allowed to because we are trained.” She also added that students get parent permission slips signed, and classrooms are equipped with fire blankets and a fire extinguisher in case of an emergency. 8th grade SWAT student Brecken Garrett participated in the lab and said that while he was doing the experiment, he thought it was fun doing labs in school because you can’t do them outside of school. “I enjoyed doing this lab with my friends and having fun,” Garrett said.

8th-grade science classes often do labs such as molecule labs, and fire labs, but there are still a lot more to come.