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HEAT team Mr. Buche’s secondary job

Have you ever been watching your TV and you see the guys with the stripes making bad calls? Well, we have one of those in our building. His name is Mr. Buche, he is a referee after school, and in other places as well. Mr. Buche loves sports and wanted to continue to be involved as an adult after he was done playing. So he became a ref.

At a State Basketball Championship in Dodge City, KS Mr. Buche is standing for a picture. (Courtesy of Mr. Buche)

Buche loves working with kids wherever he is. “I officiate because I greatly enjoy the sport and I want to give the kids all the opportunities that I had when growing up.” He follows after his mother’s footsteps. “When I was in 8th grade, my mother asked me if I wanted to officiate volleyball with her.” You won’t see Buche at the middle school level very often because he will be at the higher level. “I currently officiate basketball and volleyball at the high school level. I will typically work anywhere within 3 to 4 hours of Topeka on a given night.” 

When Buche is not reffing. You can find him teaching at the middle school on the HEAT team in room A5.