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7th Grade TEAM DAY

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  • Mrs. McDonald, 7th grade ELA teacher on the Voyager team, sings with her class to the song “Golden Hour” by JVKE on March 9th, the last day of 3rd quarter. Caption by Ava Moore.

  • On March 9th, Logan Herrman, Clyne Foust, Ellie Streeter, & Katelyn Carlson color during their Voyager team day celebration for the end of the 3rd quarter. Caption by Mady Nelson.

  • Voyagers Bailey Hill & MacKayleigh Arrington, work on a scavenger hunt to celebrate Pi Day by measuring the circumference of circles on March 9th, the last day of 3rd quarter. Caption by Alea Colley.

  • 7th Grade Eclipse students watch “The Parent Trap” in Mrs. English’s class on March 9th. The movie was part of the team’s Team Day to celebrate the end of the 3rd quarter. Caption by Myles Didde & Peyton Glaze.

  • Eclipse students gather in Mrs. English’s room to watch a movie on March 9th as an end of 3rd quarter celebration. The teachers wanted to have a work-free day for the students. English said, “Any of the students can go just to have a fun day before break.” Caption by Raelynn Graves & Taylor Smith.

  • Eclipse students watch a movie together in Mrs. Chooncharoen’s room on Thursday, March 9th. Students did this to celebrate the end of 3rd quarter. Caption by Audrey Gathers.

  • Comet Luke Weber talks with friends while waiting to do the raffle in Mr. Nedeau and Ms. VanDoren’s rooms. The raffle was held for the end of the 3rd quarter party. Students were also given a ¨Missing Mystery,¨ a paper to help solve clues to figure out which teacher was the culprit.

  • Comet student, Grady Frederickson, gathers with classmates in Ms. VanDoren and Mr. Nedeau’s rooms to prepare for the raffle. The raffle was part of the Comet team’s “Team Day” celebrations on March 9th, the last day of the 3rd quarter.

  • On Thursday, March 9th, Ms. VanDoren gets the kids snacks who got their names drawn by Mrs. Sergeant. Amaya Graham sits on a desk talking to her friend next to her. The Team prepares to get all of the kids full before the movie later in the day. Caption by Gavin Vanuyl.

  • On Thursday March 9th, Mrs. Wilcox teaches the students about Pi Day and has them organize the numbers of Pi and put them in the correct order. The All Stars celebrated Pi Day on the last day before spring break. Caption by Jakobe Stringfield & Zach Wright.

  • On Thursday March 9th, All Stars science teacher Mrs. Campbell celebrates the last day of school before spring break and pie day by making pies with her students. This was part of the team’s end-of-quarter celebrations. Caption by Madison Nelson & Rylie Wessel.

  • Mrs. Wilcox’s 3rd hour participates in a Pi Day activity on Thursday March 9th. Pi Day falls on March 14th, which was over spring break so they celebrated early.

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Check out this gallery of 7th grade End-of-Quarter team activities!

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