Snow More Days


When was the last time we had a snow day? Great question, we have not had one in a very long time. In fact, the last snow day we had was last school year. Dr. Stoltenberg, the WRMS head principal, said we have five snow days built in to the calendar. This means that if we use five snow days, we don’t have to add days or go to school longer. This year, we have not used one yet. Because of this, we are going to get Monday April 10th off because we have not used any snow days. Stoltenburg said that he has no say in if we have school or not and that is completely up to the board of education.

So what can we do to ensure this tragedy doesn’t happen again? There are many superstitions wishing for a snow day. We talked to 7th grade teacher Ms. Speagle and she gave us many superstitions she uses hoping for a snow day. 


Snow Day Superstition #1: Pajamas

Speagle recommends anyone who wants a snow day should wear their pajamas inside out the night before.


Snow Day Superstition #2: Under Your Pillow

Speagle said she puts a silver spoon and a white crayon under her pillow.


Snow Day Superstition #3: Toilet Trick

Speagle said she puts ice cubes in her toilet and Speagle was very strict about not flushing the ice cubes. Let them melt.

So WRMS students, we need more snow days next year! Let’s remember these tips next winter and try out these snow day superstitions.


Here are some of the superstitions submitted by WRMS students. 


  • Before they pitch they hit their thigh and it’s a strike every time.
  • Everytime they are on deck, they use a donut before they are at bat.
  • Anytime they drive by a cemetery they, hold their breath so a ghost can’t go in their soul.
  • They sleep with their bat before a game.
  • They do the same routine before serving in volleyball.
  • They don’t do laundry on January 1st.
  • They drink a Powerade before every sports game.
  • They look both ways to cross the street to prevent accidents, they look left twice and flip a coin twice just to make sure.
  • If you wash your car it will rain.
  • Bad things come in 3.
  • If they see a penny heads up they pick it up and if it’s tails they will flip it over and leave it.
  • They eat chocolate before bed because it helps with nightmares.
  • ‘’I had to have an open heart surgery soon after I was born. My mom wrapped me in a blanket my gramma made for me when she gave me to the surgeons. Since I got through that surgery so well, I now ALWAYS have that same blanket with me for any major medical procedure.”